The Unstoppable Rise of the Italian Food Industry

The Unstoppable Rise of the Italian Food Industry

11 March 2024

The continuing fixation with Italian cuisine remains a cornerstone of the global food industry. Italian Food News reports that its total worth has reached an incredible 228 billion euros and 75 billion in the domestic restaurant sector. This comes as excellent news for all those involved in the distribution of Italian food products, as well as the management of Italian restaurants abroad.

Since Italian cuisine enjoys such a vast potential customer base, it is easy to see the scope for introducing quality food specialties into the restaurant sector. According to Italian Food News, the knock-on benefits of providing restaurant chefs with eye-catching promotional materials and tasting offers, will lead to the same delicious products expanding into supermarkets and speciality stores. The synergy between foodservice and retail outlets is a vital link in delivering innovative product ranges to consumer groups of all ages.

New legislation to protect the authenticity of traditional Italian foods is being introduced this year by the European Union.  The aim of the legislation is to prohibit ‘Italian sounding’ foods, which imitate traditional products and result in consumer confusion. The guidance is unequivocal, that investment in authentic products and adherence to regulations, will meet the needs of both end-consumers and food service professionals in all sectors.

A golden opportunity to showcase the best of Italian food and beverage products can be discovered under one roof at Italy’s flagship trade shows. Internationally acclaimed events such as Tutto Food, Cibus and Sigep attract a huge following from all sides of the food industry. Tutto Food is regarded as the leading show for the entire spectrum of Italian food products, while Sigep is the world’s leading B2B show dedicated to the Dolce (sweet/dessert) foodservice industry, including coffee and bakery products. Cibus is normally held in Parma, every other year in May, alternating with the Tutto Food show.

Italian retailers stand out among 2024 European Private Label Awards with sixteen product innovations named as finalists across seventeen categories. These include Conad, Crai Secom and Aldi Italia and winners will be announced in March. The prestigious awards are regarded as a pointer to the most impactful and innovative private-label brands on sale in Europe’s supermarkets. “This year’s group of finalists was one of the strongest we have seen to date, reflecting the level of innovation taking place in grocery retail at present,” commented Stephen Wynne-Jones, editor, ESM.

As the largest Kosher Certification Agency in Europe, KLBD is proud that so many Italian companies recognise the benefits of carrying kosher certification on their products. The KLBD logo is highly regarded as a recognised symbol of quality worldwide, as well as a major asset for opening doors in new markets and generating additional sales revenue.

Italian family firm Luxardo S.p.A. founded in 1821, is one of the oldest European firms producing liqueurs and spirits and carries KLBD certification for their entire range. Popular products include Maraschino Originale, Limoncello, Amaretto, London Dry Gin, and Sour Cherry Gin. For 200 years, the very first recipe for Luxardo’s Maraschino Originale has never changed, and it’s the reason why the brand has been found in bars and supermarkets for generations. Based in Torreglia, Padova, today, the brand remains privately owned and operated by the 6th and 7th generations of the Luxardo family who are committed to ensuring the legacy of Girolamo Luxardo continues.

The Luxardo family

In the south-west of Sicily, family run company Tenute Seidita have been producing a divine selection of olive oil and table olives for many generations. Proud to be displaying the KLBD logo as a symbol of quality, the company maintains, ‘Producing olive oil and table olives is a mission that has always been at the heart of the Seidita family’. (For a fuller article on this company click here).  Tenute Seidita keeps its commitment to produce high quality products. Sahara Sedita advised ‘This 2024 started with another important recognition as part of ‘Eccellenze Italiane’, we foresee a prosperous and exciting year ahead with a wider range of products”.

Sahara Seidita with father, Gioacchino Seidita, owner of Tenute Seidita

Another Sicilian treasure is Pisti Artisanal Creams  based on ancient family recipes to produce a mouthwatering range of spreadable cream products from the best grown pistachios. KLBD certified  Bio Italy Nature is located at the foot of volcano Etna in Sicily and also produces a delicious collection of nuts and ingredients for a devoted customer base.

The Bridge srl is a family run company based in the province of Vicenza, northern Italy, specialising in the production of 100% vegan, cholesterol, and lactose free products, including drinks, desserts, cooking creams and biogurt.  Enjoying the advantages of KLBD certification, The Bridge create their products with carefully chosen and certified ingredients.

Fiordelisi SRL specialises in the production of undried and semi dried vegetables.  During 2023 the company expanded its artichoke processing by up to 50%, thanks to collaborations. The company is a prolific producer of tomatoes and benefits from all the advantages of being KLBD certified. Other products include sun dried peppers, aubergines, and courgettes together with many varieties of oven dried vegetables.

Oxerra and Sierolat are two Italian ingredients companies which are both KLBD certified. Oxerra  is located in Torino and provides unique products in iron oxide and colour pigment technology, while Sierolat is the Italian brand leader for dairy ingredients and infant milk powders.

Discerning food shoppers are spoilt for choice in Italy with supermarkets and speciality food stores to suit every taste and budget. Discounted supermarket chains are a good option for families and most large grocery chains offer delivery and collection through their websites and apps.

The allure of Italian cuisine brings people together from different cultures throughout the world. Since every region in Italy boasts its own unique food specialties and traditions, there is no limit to the voyage of culinary discovery, even for the most experienced of Italian food connoisseurs.

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