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Welcome to KLBD client support area. As an honoured client of KLBD, you will find additional support and information to help you make the most of your certificate.

Promoting Your KLBD Kosher Certification

Here at KLBD we think it is important you get the most for your money. We will work with you to promote your kosher certified status ensuring you get the highest possible ROI.

We recommend undertaking these three steps to help you maximise your KLBD kosher certification:

Our marketing team offers the following services: social media promotion (facebook group and twitter), consumer food events, trade show exposure, e-newsletter promotion, and app and website promotion. Read more.

If you would like more information or to benefit from these marketing activities please contact us.


If you have questions on how to use any of the forms, please contact us. A member of our team will talk you through them.

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The KLBD Logo

KLBD Encourage Companies To Use The Logo To Enable You To Get The Most Out Of Your Certification And There Is No Extra Charge!

The KLBD Logo Is A Globally Recognised Brand And Advertises The Product Or Ingredient’s Kosher Status. Additionally, Manufacturers And Consumers Alike View The KLBD Logo As An Independent Verification Of Quality And Integrity. There Are Over 25 Million People Worldwide Looking For The Kosher Logo On Food Products. Today’s Consumer Is Not Deterred By Price; It’s The Quality They Seek.

Consumers Are Looking For The KLBD Logo.
Not Only Consumers Following A Kosher Diet Look For The KLBD Logo. Those Following A Halal Or Vegetarian Diet And Shoppers With Dairy Or Fish Allergies Actively Seek The KLBD Logo To Guide Them With Their Product Choices. As A Result This Can Help To Generate Sales From Consumers Who Actively Search For The KLBD Logo.
Products Without The KLBD Logo Do Not Sell As Well.
Consumers Can Sometimes Query The Kosher Status Of A Product Without A Logo And Will Often Turn To Alternative Products With A Kosher Logo. This Is Even True In Kosher Sections Or Kosher Stores. Additionally, Tourists Visiting The Country Will Not Know The Product Is Kosher If It Does Not Display A Logo. By Using The Logo Brands Can Calm Consumer Qualms And Generate More Sales.
The Kosher Label Supports ‘Clean’ And ‘Clear’ Labelling Trend.
In Addition To Generating Sales The KLBD Kosher Logo Can Support Companies’ Clean And Clear Labelling Strategies. In A Time Where There Is A Demand For Increased Transparency Manufacturers Can Use The Kosher Logo As A Way Of Providing The Transparency Their Customers Are Demanding. The KLBD Logo Is A Guarantee Of Honesty. It Assures Consumers That A Company Is Being Honest About The Ingredients And Processes They Are Using In The Products. The KLBD Logo Can Be Used As A Marketing Tool By Those Companies And Brands Where Their Marketing Strategy Does Not Align With The Clean And Clear Label Trend.
How To Use The KLBD Logo

The KLBD Logo Can Be Used In Varying Ways To Ensure It Fits With A Products Branding. See Below For Examples Of How The Logo Has Been Used By Multinational Brands. Many Companies, Particularly Ingredient Companies, Put The Logo On The Website To Promote Their Kosher Status.

If Your Product Is An Industrial Product, Then The KLBD Logo Should Be Printed Clearly On The Front Label, Box, Drum, Bag, Etc. Make Sure You Use The Right KLBD Logo Especially If It A Dairy Certified Product. The Letter ‘D’ Is Required To Be Added Next To The KLBD Logo To Denote The Dairy Status.

If You Need Any Assistance With Using The Logo Please Contact Us.

Sample Product Pack With KLBD Logo

The KLBD logo is a trademark of the KLBD Kosher Certification (Kashrut Division of the London Beth Din, a department of the United Synagogue registered charity in the UK 242552). It can only be used on product certified kosher by KLBD Kosher Certification as listed on the KLBD Kosher Certificate issued and up to date. Its unauthorized use is a violation of trademark laws. Our rights in this regard are enforced to the fullest extent of the law. The KLBD logo may not be used until a written contract has been executed with KLBD Kosher Certification.