Kosher Certified Companies

Here you will find a listing of KLBD Kosher certified companies.

Due to confidentiality restrictions, Kosher certificates are not available through the KLBD website. To obtain a Kosher certificate, please contact the company directly by clicking on the links below.

Please note: Not every product manufactured by the companies below are necessarily Kosher accredited. Please request an up-to-date Kosher certificate directly from the supplier or manufacturer.

If you are a distributor or shop please click here to access an up to date list of the products KLBD kosher certifies.

Our Clients

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Greenfields London Ltd.
Herbs, Seasonings and Spices
Kompozíció Kft.
Yuyao Lifespan Health Technology Company Limited
Xuyi Sinoma Attapulgite Clay Co., Ltd
Bleaching Earth
PT. Berkat Sawit Sejati
Oils and Shortenings
Starwave Enterprises
TINE Ireland Ltd
Dairy Products