KLBD Newly Certified Products Newsletter

We can help you keep up to date with the latest retail products which have been kosher certified by KLBD. You can be one of the first to contact these companies and request distributor rights for your district or shop by receiving these emails which are sent out on average every 6 weeks.

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KLBD Retail Product List

KLBD’s retail product list is for distributors and shops only.

If you’re a wholesaler, distributor or shop looking for new products, there are many KLBD kosher certified retail products available, being manufactured around the world, which are not yet being sold in your area. This could prove a great opportunity for you and is worthwhile taking advantage of.

Click on the link below to download a list of retail products currently kosher accredited by the KLBD. Companies’ contact information is also provided.

We do update the list frequently but please note kosher statuses are subject to change so please request an up-to-date kosher certificate directly from the manufacturer or supplier.