Tenute Seidita

Tenute Seidita

5 December 2022

Tenute Seidita is a family-run olive oil business, operating in the sector since 1922, located on the southwest coast of Sicily, between Campobello di Mazara and Castelvetrano, lands briming with centuries-old olive trees. We are a three-generation family olive oil makers starting with our grandfather, then our father and now us.

As a company but mainly as a family, our values have always been based on an unconditional passion for good food, dedication to our land and love for the cultivation of olive trees that began with our grandfather and founder Francesco Seidita and continues with us.

Tenute Seidita (Azienda Agroalimentare Seidita SRL) covers over 100 hectares of Sicilian land, with 15.000 olive trees, predominantly Nocellara del Belice olive trees. Harvesting is done exclusively by hand, and the extra virgin olive oil comes from cold pressing, to secure all the benefit of the fruit remains in the final product.

The entire production is made in house. From sowing the land and harvesting trees, to transforming the product into extra virgin olive oil or olives up to packaging, all takes place within our land and factory. We look after every single step of the process, and we package only once there is a request in order to secure the freshness and quality of our products.

We focus on what we are excellent at, and for this reason our product line is simple but excellent and KLBD kosher certified. We offer three types of extra virgin olive oil: Organic (Bio), IGP and New Oil. Each can be in 0,25L, 0,50L or 3L formats. Three types of olives are on offer: green olives for aperitif, stone free olives, and crushed olives. They are all made simply with salt and water, and they could come within the following format: 250g food bag, 340g jar in glass, 3kg or 5 kg buckets.

The olive oil can come into 0.25L or 0.50L bottle, or 3L Can




The three variety of olives can come in the below formats:



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