Who is Buying Kosher?

15 September 2016

The question of who actually buys kosher food is one that many people ask whilst considering kosher certification. More and more, the market for kosher is becoming a cosmopolitan landscape. It is not simply limited to Jewish consumers as some may assume. In fact, as the twenty-first century develops and the culture of food evolves, those that buy kosher products do so from a vast variety of religions and walks of life.

So, who is actually buying kosher products? It may surprise you!


The Statistics

The assumption that many people might make about kosher food is that the only people buying it are those from the Jewish community. In today’s consumer market, however, this is simply not the case. As many as three in five of the people that buy kosher food are, in fact, non-Jewish.

This growing trend is a result of the increasing desire for ‘provenance and traceability. Those with dietary restrictions or allergies – such as nuts – look to kosher certifications as a way to be entirely sure of the content of the food. Detailed inspection is required in order to earn a kosher certificate and these standards need to be upheld. This segment is in sharp contrast to the smaller percentage of people that state they buy kosher due to religious reasons. An even smaller number buy kosher as a result of religious beliefs other than Judaism.


Growing Trend

As demand grows so the percentage accounted for by people buying kosher products for solely religious reasons reduces. The market for kosher food is thus rising, Italy is an example. As sales continue to grow in this sector, it is a reflection of more people realising the dietary benefits to consuming such foods.

As a consequence, there is also a growing number of companies that are achieving kosher certification to keep up with the demand. In countries such as the USA as much as 41% of the packaged food in the country is kosher certified. The UK is following this trend, with popular supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Asda sourcing kosher food for the growing consumer demand.

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