29 October 2019

Kosherfest takes place this year on 12th and 13th November at its regular venue: the Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey. It is the flagship event for the kosher food industry further enhancing its reputation as the show for kosher. This year over three hundred and fifty producers, distributors and suppliers of certified kosher products and services will be exhibiting; more than six thousand industry professionals are expected to attend. Visitors will find more new and exciting kosher product ranges than ever before, reflecting how the sector continues in popularity and to grow.

Kosherfest provides a peerless opportunity for brand owners and food manufacturers in every category to access the potential of the North American consumer packaged goods (CPG) market.  Senior buyers are expected to attend from the major supermarket chains, including Costco, Trader Joe’s, Jewel-Osco (Albertsons) and Whole Foods Market (Amazon).  KLBD this year has moved up a stand to number 2013, away from its regular 207 booth. The team warmly invites visitors to see and sample the fantastic array of kosher certified products on display. KLBD certifies thirty five hundred retail products (and rising) and around fifty thousand ingredients in over seventy countries worldwide. Through our presence at Kosherfest KLBD assists certified companies to gain a foothold in the buoyant North American market.

This year the following KLBD certified companies are displaying and sampling their original products at Kosherfest on KLBD’s stand 2013 and have, in several cases, been nominated for awards in various categories:

Littlepod has won the prestigious New Kosher Product Competition (baking aisle category) 2019.  The company has created innovative ways of cooking with vanilla, while helping communities reliant on vanilla cultivation to conserve the fragile ecosystems necessary for production.  Product ranges being displayed include award winning Vanilla Paste, responsibly sourced Pure Chocolate Extract, Pure Coffee Extract and Madagascan Vanilla Pods. The company’s founder, Janet Sawyer, has also produced a recipe book ‘Vanilla: Cooking with One of the World’s Finest Ingredients’.

KLBD certified Meatless Farm have succeeded in their mission to ‘Make Meatless Delicious’ by producing a fantastic range of alternatives to meat excelling in taste, texture and presentation. Products include plant-based burger patty, mince and sausage and the company’s aim is to help people to reduce their meat consumption by making an easy transition to meatless.  The company has recently launched Stateside in four hundred and fifty Whole Foods stores.

Visitors wanting to sample English gin with baobab and cape gooseberries at Kosherfest need look no further than try the range from Whitley Neill, award winning gin and spirit distiller, since 1762.

The Bendicks range of mint chocolate is certified by KLBD.  The intense flavour of the dark chocolate has long supplied the finishing touch to many special entertaining occasions. It is instantly recognisable by its signature green wrapping, as well as carrying the KLBD symbol of quality assurance.  Join the queue at the KLBD stand to sample the range.

From the Scottish Island of Bute, Sheese offers an appetising range of dairy free, lactose and gluten free vegan cheese products, enabling consumers to enjoy innovative plant based cheddar, Edam, Greek and all varieties of dairy free ‘sheese’.

Connoisseurs of single malt whisky can savour the mellow taste of Bowmore Whisky, shaped by the exquisite aromas of carefully selected oak casks.

The history of Drambuie can be traced back to a secret recipe created for Bonnie Prince Charlie by his Royal Apothecary in the 18th century, but at Kosherfest visitors can beat a path to Stand 2013 to sample the delights of this esteemed whisky liqueur.

Leeds based Rakusen’s is widely known for their traditional Matzo crackers made from simple ingredients and flame-baked to a traditional recipe.  Their product range, including biscuits and snackers will be on the stand.

There will also be another single malt whisky from Scotland, but this time from the lowlands, lovingly triple-distilled near Glasgow. Auchentoshan will be there to be sampled. Alternatively if you have a preference for sake then BORN will be served.

BACK IN THE UK, another important food and drink event will be taking place, the following week, on 19th and 20th November: ‘Food Matters Live’ at ExCel, London. This annual show highlights the strong connections between food, drink, health and nutrition, a booming sector in the UK which is reportedly valued at £96 billion.  FML represents the first high level, international gathering of its kind in London to focus on the key issues facing the global food and drink community and how innovation and technology can help to solve them.

As one of the world’s leading kosher certification agencies, KLBD will naturally be present at FML. They will demonstrate how certification provides a clear pathway for certified companies to increase export opportunities, gain access to new markets and establish new marketing and distribution channels.

Delegates and visitors will also have an opportunity to participate in an inspiring programme of live demonstrations, networking and round table discussions.  KLBD will be holding an Educational Round Table on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning: final details of timings are to be announced.