The Importance of Customer Insight

30 March 2017

Understanding the needs and desires of your customer is one of the most important things to consider when creating consumer products. This is something that food manufacturers should be aware of as they create, brand and market their products, regardless of whether they are selling in speciality shops on the high-street or in supermarkets.

What is Customer Insight?

Customer insights look to read and interpret trends in the behaviour of consumers, ultimately aiming to fine-tune operations using these observations in order to increase sales.

One definition of customer insights is:

“A non-obvious understanding about your customers, which if acted upon, has the potential to change their behaviour for mutual benefit”.

It is important to note the use of the words ‘non-obvious’ as there are certain facts or even assumptions about particular target markets which may be obvious, but fail to give a true understanding of the consumer.

Customer FeedbackWhy is Customer Insight So Important?

Without customer insights, manufacturers, producers and marketeers are barely able to scratch the surface of what it is that their consumers are looking for in a product. This often leads to poorly targeted products that are designed with no particular audience in mind.

However, when customer insights are properly utilised and managed, customers may find products that suit their requirements, tastes and desires perfectly. These insights can be used from the conception of the product, to the formulation ised, and even the design of the packaging.

For example, a company making desserts may find through the use of customer insights that a number of their consumers are concerned about the suitability of a particular ingredient or would rather the product were lower in calories. If the company chooses to act on this and publicise the change in their advertising and packaging, they are actively targeting these customers, offering a mutual benefit.

Making Predictions with Customer Insights

One way of using customer insights is to predict how consumers will behave in the future. This may be predictions of behaviours during a certain time period, such as over the course of a month or the course of a year, or may even predict the lifetime behaviour of a customer. Another way is by segmenting the customer base and researching the attributes of a particular group. Employing customer insights, you may find that you have an improved understanding of your target market and are able to create a win-win for both you and your customer.

In the modern food industry, we are finding that consumers are taking a greater interest in knowing and understanding the products they buy. This means that manufacturers who meet this interest with transparency and integrity often have the upper hand. This need for transparency means that more consumers wish to see accurate labelling and certifications listed on food packaging, which is where you can benefit from the services of KLBD Kosher.

For more on food and drink trends and consumer-focused strategies check out The Food and Drink Trends Conference.

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