Summer Specials

Summer Specials

6 July 2014

Coyo, Kettle Chips and Perry Court Farm produce kosher certified products which are great all year round but are especially suitable in the summer time for picnics, barbecues and outings.

Coyo produces a range of coconut products, many of which, like its natural and vanilla yogurts, are kosher certified. As Coyo products are made from the cream from freshly squeezed coconut flesh, they are ideal for vegans, being free of dairy products and gluten. Coyo is based in Australia and has an operational centre in the UK. Coyo products are available in a wide range of stockists across the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Kettle Chips are one of the UK’s favourite brands of premium crisps, and three types are kosher certified: Lightly Salted, Ridge Cut Sea Salted, and the Sea Salt & Crushed Black Peppercorns variety. Made in the UK by Kettle Foods in Norfolk since 1988, Kettle Chips are hand­cooked crisps made with real food ingredients and no added MSG, artificial flavours or colourings. Around 90 percent of the potatoes used to make the crisps are grown locally to the Kettle Foods factory in Norwich.

Perry Court Farm makes a range of airdried fruit crisps, which are unique products available online and in stores across the UK, and some of these products are kosher certified by KLBD. Based in the fruit growing area of Kent in the UK, Perry Court Farm harvests apples and pears from its own orchards, many of which have trees that are more than 100 years old. The harvested fruit is then washed, cored, sliced and slowly dried to ensure that the maximum flavour and goodness is retained in the final product. The crisps are proving to be so popular that 5,000 extra fruit trees are being planted to support additional crisp production, and new varieties of fruit crisps like cherry are planned.

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