Specialty Food Sector Growing in Europe with Kosher

Specialty Food Sector Growing in Europe with Kosher

25 August 2016

The eagerly awaited Speciality and Fine Food Fair exhibition returns to Olympia on the 4th – 6th September. The exhibition, which also incorporates the Speciality Chocolate Fair, is regarded as the premier event for all those connected with the UK food and drinks industry and provides an unrivalled opportunity to observe the latest trends and new products under one roof.

The upcoming September event provides the perfect showcase for exhibitors to parade their new mouth-watering ranges of food and drink products and also features a variety of events to inform trade visitors. There will be cookery demonstrations from experienced chefs and personalities in the Fine Food Live theatre and, at another event hosted by Marc Demarquette, renowned pastry chefs and chocolatiers will demonstrate their skills. A programme of seminars is also planned on specialised topics and industry experts will be on hand to offer one to one advice where required.

As the leading authority on Jewish Dietary Laws in the UK and largest kosher certification agency in Europe, KLBD is delighted to be exhibiting at the upcoming Speciality and Fine Food Fair for the first time. KLBD certifies some forty thousand ingredients and over two thousand retail products across six continents. The KLBD logo is a recognised symbol of quality which is respected by manufacturers and consumers in equal measure throughout the world. At present, products from over 70 countries benefit from the added value of KLBD certification in the certain knowledge that it will be regarded as a sign of quality assurance and increased marketability.

Retail Sales Manager, Sharon Feldman Vazan commented, ‘The KLBD Kosher Certification Agency is thrilled to be exhibiting at the Specialty Fine Food Exhibition for the first time this year. We will be there to develop business, as well as support our fast growing list of KLBD certified companies working in this sector’.

The highly regarded Speciality and Fine Food exhibition at Olympia is a favourite showcase for many KLBD certified companies, some of whom will be exhibiting at Olympia for the second year in succession.  Burren Smokehouse is one such example and can be found on Stand 1720/b displaying a delicious selection of smoked salmon, trout and mackerel delicacies produced in their artisan smokehouse on the West Coast of Ireland. Just some of the exciting combinations they have created include smoked fish, herbs and whisky and visitors can make their way to their stand to sample for themselves.

Family run company, Propercorn, is another KLBD certified company that will be exhibiting in September.  Propercorn produce an amazing range of gluten free popcorn products using only natural ingredients and have created such innovative flavours as Smooth Peanut & Almond and Sweet & Salty. As the wording on the packaging suggests, it is ‘Proper Corn Done Properly’ and visitors can see the full collection of their products on Stand 3621.

A visit to Stand 3056 will find KLBD certified Emily Fruit Crisps and their representatives. Named after one of the co-founders, these tangy fruit flavoured snacks have been blended with a touch of oil to give the crisps a perfect crunch. Flavours to sample on the stand include crunchy pineapple, apple and banana. The crisps are totally without preservatives, additives or sugar.

Empire Bespoke Foods Limited are the distributors for Mrs Elwood, a household name in the field of pickled cucumbers and gherkins. A long established KLBD certified company, their range of products will be displayed on Stand 1930 and visitors will be most welcome.

The exciting and innovative range of KLBD certified Rude Health products include dairy free drinks, breakfast foods and snacks. Their delicious almond, brown rice and coconut drinks are all unsweetened, organic, dairy and gluten free. The Rude Health breakfast range of mueslis are made with a complex blend of grains, fruit, nuts and seeds designed to stave off hunger pangs until the next main meal. As for the mini-thin savoury crackers, these provide a great lunchtime snack and provide the perfect base for a variety of different toppings. The Rude Health team will be welcoming visitors to sample the diversity and quality of their products on Stand 1850.


Please feel free to come to our stand 1124, or call us before or during the show to book a meeting with Sharon to discuss kosher certification for your company. Don’t forget to also ask about the many added services and benefits only on offer with KLBD kosher certification.

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