Online vs In-Store: How Packaging Attracts Customers

Online vs In-Store: How Packaging Attracts Customers

22 June 2017

Online shopping is still a fairly new phenomenon in the history of trade, with the first secure retail online transaction occurring in 1994 by either NetMarket or Internet Shopping Network. Today, according to Kantar Worldpanel, sales of groceries online reached $48 billion (approximately £3.7 billion) in the 12 months leading up to June 2016.

Right now, online shopping accounts for 12.6% of retail sales. With online sales increasing at such a staggering rate and the retail industry changing so rapidly, ensuring that packaging can attract people both in-store and online is crucial. This can be achieved through the effects of unique packaging methods.

Unique Packaging for Online and Offline Sales

In a report from WestRock Company, 79% of packaging professionals believe they need different strategies for online and in-store sales, although only over half of the participants had these two unique packaging strategies in place already. In order to attract customers at both levels, you need to ensure the best packaging designs are utilised, no matter which platform you are using. Whether you choose online or offline, therefore, it is essential that your design is attractive. As the report points out, it is critical to view design impact on all consumer behaviour including product trial, repeat and brand switching.

Almost 20% of customers have written reviews and talked about a certain product’s unique packaging, which clearly showcases its importance in the minds of shoppers. Another 20% also purchased a product because of an online review that mentioned the packaging.

And with about 90% of customers that shop in-store making snap judgements about products based on packaging colour, physical packages need to be equally attractive and eye-catching.

The Best In-Store Packaging Designs

Colours sell. There is no denying that this factor is one of the most important components that contribute towards making the best packaging design, as it is often the first attribute that catches a shopper’s attention. Inside a store, buying decisions are usually influenced by factors like shelf or store position as well as packaging design. Clever designs, such as cartons with easy opening and re-sealable elements, work well here and can trigger brand loyalty and repeat purchases.

Online Packaging Design

As for online shopping, the physical product in itself is not as important. What matters during product selection are colours and graphics used in the online packaging design that attract customers’ attention. After all, it is impossible for shoppers to compare products the way they do in-store, but decision-making times are faster. So, you need an online packaging design that easily promotes product and brand recall and enables the product to stand out from others on a screen.

Something to consider is moving product certification logos to the front of the online packaging design which Doves Farm has done on some of their products. Not all online supermarkets allow you to rotate the package on screen to see the information panels on the sides or back.

An attractive design is crucial for both online and offline sales. For a package to work at both levels, it requires a joint approach that successfully understands the two retail environments and how to deliver something that attracts customers’ attention.

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Online vs In-Store: How Packaging Attracts Customers

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