Marine Hydrocolloids: A Case Study

Marine Hydrocolloids: A Case Study

3 January 2019

Marine Hydrocolloids, part of the Meron Group, has been established in Cochin, in India, since 1982. The company specialises in manufacturing agar-agar, a substance derived from seaweed or algae often used in the food industry and pharmaceuticals.
It is commonly sourced in powder form, which when mixed with water forms a firm, clear, mostly flavourless jelly. In the food industry it is used as a stabilising and thickening agent for soups, custards, puddings, sauces, jellies and even marshmallows. It is frequently used as a vegan substitute for gelatin. Its benefits include being low in calories and is an excellent source of a calcium, iron, and fibre.
KLBD has specifically certified the agar-agar powder at the company since September 2017 and we are very proud to continue to do so.


Agar-agar Powder.                                                            Agar-agar in confectionery.

Marine Hydrocolloids serves in many additional industries including biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. For example, agar-agar is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry due to a number of its properties. It is easily water soluble, remains stable and inert and retains high gel strength. Crucially, it is free from microbiota that would compromise sterility.

As PSB, the company manager advises “The unique aim of our business is quality and consistent reliability”. They certainly do provide an excellent service with a consistently high performing product. With their market share increasing every year, their expansion into the South Africa and US markets is set to be extremely exciting. The company believes this expansion is possible “with the help of kosher.” As PSB commented “to increase the market share in the world market is a big challenge”. Kosher certification can definitely aid the success of this process. At KLBD, we find that certification adds extra market value for our clients.
Marine Hydrocolloids sells to manufacturers and distributors. It is this direct link with their customers that gives them an industry understanding and makes them market leaders in their niche of the ingredients industry.

Marine Hydrocolloids will be exhibiting at the Bakery Business in Mumbai at the end of November 2018 and Indus Food in January 2019.

Marine Hydrocolloids production facility.

For further information, contact Marine Hydrocolloids by phone on Tel: +91 484 222 7241 or email

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