Kosher Certification Growth Around the World

Kosher Certification Growth Around the World

6 November 2017

Over the past forty years, the world of food certifications and, especially, the demand for kosher certified products, has increased dramatically worldwide. While it is currently still one of the hottest and most popular food trends, it is still steadily growing at an annual rate of 15%. With this continuing growth, the number of products now readily available to the kosher consumer is showing significant gains.

There is now an increased global demand for these products. Back in 2013, certified food sales were predicted to generate around 300 billion dollars or around 200 billion pounds, but these figures have been exceeded.

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Consumer Spends

In Sue Fishkoff’s ‘Kosher Nation’ publication, she notes that “kosher food is big, and it is increasing at twice the rate of the non-kosher food market”. She also covers certain statistics that inform us that, in the US alone, consumers are spending over $12.5 billion a year on ‘traditional’ kosher food products.

Consumers today can choose from thousands of different types of products that are kosher certified, which demonstrates that the world of kosher has a significant contribution to make.

Over 8,000 new products are introduced into the kosher market annually worldwide, which is only expected to rise as demand continues to grow. Taking this into consideration, it is clear that the US has a larger slice of the global market, making it the most significant market; one with 325 million consumers.

Companies throughout the world are seeking the certification to expand their market and be a part of this huge consumer spend. It is a great way to be able to move and transition from what some see as a niche to the wider, general market. Adopting such a sales strategy enables a company to capitalise on the opportunities afforded in the main market.

Who Buys Kosher?

While many believe it is just a small community of people buying kosher-certified foods, millions of people around the world limit their diets and food consumption to the criteria of kosher.

There are many reasons for people maintaining or changing their diet to kosher, including factors such as health, food safety, taste, and other dietary reasons. Many of these people search for the kosher mark as a symbol of trust, ensuring that their concerns for their diets and food requirements are understood and addressed.

Lubicom reports that 21% of Americans regularly purchase kosher products because their diets are specifically kosher. According to Lubicom’s market studies, it appears that the appeal of kosher certified foods transcends any specific group of people.

According to the survey, 55% of the respondents cited health and safety concerns as their number one reason to buy kosher products, while 38% represent the vegetarian community. The rest of the figures relate to other reasons, such as lactose intolerance and gluten-restricted diets.

The success of kosher foods was noted back in 2013 with even greater sales expected. According to the publication by Timothy Lytton: Private Regulation in the Age of Industrial Food, his analysis stated that:

“The growing popularity of kosher food in America is a response to a more general cultural anxiety about industrialization of the food supply.”

“Like the movements to eat organic, local, or ethically produced foods, the turn toward kosher is, for many consumers, a way to personalize food production.” 

And the sales keep on increasing.

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Quality Assurance

At KLBD, we believe that a kosher certification is important not only to the growing market around the world but to the increasing number of people adapting their lifestyles to kosher. As the demand around the globe continues to increase, the certification is important for consumers to know that these products are widely available to them.

If you require any assistance to get a product kosher certified, you can follow our KLBD steps to certification on our guide to getting certified, or, if you would like to speak to a member of our KLBD team, you can easily get in touch. We would be happy to help you become a supplier to the worldwide growing demand for kosher products.

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