Kosher cannabis comes to the UK with the Provacan range of CBD Oils and Topicals

Kosher cannabis comes to the UK with the Provacan range of CBD Oils and Topicals

13 March 2019

With medical cannabis taking the world by storm, the UK has benefited from a blossoming non-psychoactive cannabis industry of its own. CBD Oil (cannabidiol) produced from Hemp has been approved legal for sale and consumption within the framework of ‘food supplement’ regulation. It means no medical claims can be made on the product and full transparency from seed to shelf must be complied with by all companies marketing such products.

Provacan CBD Oil

Provacan CBD Oil is now able to boast KLBD kashrut certification amongst many other badges of credibility and quality assurance. Provacan CBD Oil is available in two versions, 600mg and 1200mg strengths.

According to the CTA UK (Cannabis Trades Association) there are over 500,000 Brits consuming CBD on a regular basis. Provacan is an Israeli developed medical cannabis brand manufactured to the highest UK healthcare and food standards.

Produced by UK firm CiiTECH, the formulation and design has strong roots in Israel. Clifton Flack, founder of CiiTECH said, “Israel has a well-established position as the leader in cannabis R&D, indeed much of the mechanics and medicinal benefits we understand today have a direct connection to the holy land.”

Provacan The First UK Certified Kosher ISRAELI CANNABIS BRAND

“Two years ago we set out on a mission to create the most effective non-psychoactive cannabis health and wellness product. It meant adhering to UK food standard laws while creating an innovative brand based on Israeli science and tech. Today we’re already funding two clinical studies at the Hebrew University to prove the potential for CBD to treat asthma with Professor Raphael Mechoulam and to potentially treat obesity with Dr. Yossi Tam”

The UK has always rightly been perceived by the world as having the most conservative, pharmaceutical approach to healthcare. When a product has been certified and rubber-stamped in the UK the global perception and consumer confidence is strengthened.

“Hundreds of companies are competing for British CBD consumers, what sets CiiTECH apart from the rest is our background in cannabis R&D and our access to some of the best minds in the industry,” continued Flack.

Provacan The First UK Certified Kosher ISRAELI CANNABIS BRAND

“Adding Kosher Certification to our armory of reasons to trust Provacan simply continues our mission of providing the most effective and safe cannabis products to consumers”



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