KLBD wins Employer of the Year

KLBD wins Employer of the Year

5 September 2023

The annual Work Avenue’s Business Awards celebrate successful businesses of all sizes, from the individual to the larger organisation. 2023 saw the event take place on the evening of 12th July.

Introducing the 2023 awards evening, Work Avenue CEO Debbie Lebrett told guests: “This was my first Work Avenue Business Awards, and the entire process has been inspirational”.

KLBD Kosher Certification won the Employer of the Year award. Executive Director of KLBD, Rabbi Jeremy Conway said: “At KLBD, we promote kashrut in the community as best we can, but we never forget that we also share people’s simchas (celebrations) and help them when things are not so good.” I am reminded of Lord Sacks’ wonderful words about the hoarding in New York advertising Chase Manhattan Bank that said, ‘you have a friend at Chase Manhattan’ and some wag had scribbled on the bottom ‘…but at Bank Leumi you have mishpacha (family).’


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