COVID 19 Statement

COVID 19 Statement

31 March 2020

As the current fight against the COVID-19 virus enters a new phase, KLBD Kosher Certification would like to assure all of our clients and partners that as an organisation we will do our part to reduce its impact. We understand that continuing restrictions on travel and general business continuity will limit our ability to conduct audits, and we urge you to remain in touch with us to help communicate and identify challenges.

KLBD is following UK Government guidelines which give some useful practical advice for workplaces. These guidelines can be found here.

We took the early decision to enforce home working wherever possible and have limited all non-essential travel, as the health and safety of our people is always our top priority. Most KLBD employees and consultants have been working remotely and digitally. They can be contacted either by phone or email. We will continue to host client meetings via web-based conferencing.

Coronavirus Resources

For your information, FMI (USA) has compiled background information, a preparedness checklist, resources and more to support the food industry:  Please use this link to access the latest information. On this resource page, FMI developed a new guide, Coronavirus and Pandemic Preparedness for the Food Industry.

This guide is specifically designed to help food retailers, wholesalers and suppliers undertake the necessary contingency planning to prepare for a pandemic. It is intended to be useful for any type of pandemic including influenza, coronavirus (officially known as COVID-19), or any other infectious disease outbreak.

We wish you the best during these difficult times and look forward to continuing to support and work with you over the coming months.

We remain committed to you and the integrity of our food certification system.

Stay safe. Take care.

KLBD Kosher Certification







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