Food Processing Chemicals from India

Food Processing Chemicals from India

4 September 2014

Based in Nagpur city in the Indian state of Maharashtra, Jeevika Spakchem makes a range of chemicals for a diverse range of industries including foods, beverages, cosmetics, medical and pharmaceuticals. Emulsifiers are a major part of the company’s production, and these are used by the firm’s clients to produce a consistent texture for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, yeasts, baked products, confectionery and ice creams.

Defoamers are another important part of the company’s product range, and these are supplied to distilleries to make sure that everything runs smoothly during the distilling process.

Creams and ointments for pharmaceutical and cosmetic use are made using esters supplied by Jeevika Spakchem which enable the manufacturers to have excellent control over the textures and consistencies of their products.

Jeevika Spakchem manufactures a range of chemicals that are used to make products such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, cakes, biscuits, breads, confectionery, ice creams, milks and cheeses.

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