First Spanish Honey Exporter is Kosher Certified by KLBD

First Spanish Honey Exporter is Kosher Certified by KLBD

10 October 2010

PRIMO MENDOZA SL is a family business founded in 1915, specialized in the production, packaging and marketing of the highest quality bee products. They offer honey, pollen, royal jelly, beeswax, dietary products and natural cosmetics. These are marketed both nationally and internationally.

Their products are the result of the fusion of tradition with technology, innovation and experience of the finest quality raw materials with a specialized team. Today, Primo Mendoza SL, run by the fourth generation, exports to over 14 countries. It has become the premier company in the sector, being the first Spanish company to export honey.
In 2010 Primo Mendoza S.L. had the honor of receiving the 1st Prize for entrepreneurial food companies, awarded by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. The prize is in recognition of the professional management of a family business, including capacity building, modernization and international development.

The satisfaction of the company is offering consumers a wide range of high quality products that are healthy and delicious to the palate. To guarantee quality assurance and food safety, Primo Mendoza SL not only fulfils its legal requirements, but goes further, for it is essential to meet the quality specifications of its customers and their own quality and domestic food security requirements.
To further meet this goal, Primo Mendoza SL has recently opted for the high value-added assurance: Kosher certification with KLBD in London. This step allows its products – already of the highest quality to be also accessible to the Jewish public and other faiths that have similar diets. This certification comes at a very propitious moment. This month just as the Jewish community celebrates the new year – Rosh Hashanah – they will eat honey as part of their diet during this holiday season, as a sign that the coming year will be sweet and prosperous.

KLBD has many kosher certified companies in Spain and Portugal including Alcubilla 2000 S.L., Destilaciones Bordas Chinchurreta SA, Dallant S.A., Conservas Gonsal S.L, Lucta SA , Productos Churruca SA and Amorim & Irmos., SA (Portugal).

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