The Family Bread Company Bring Tasty, Affordable Bread to the Masses

The Family Bread Company Bring Tasty, Affordable Bread to the Masses

9 February 2012

A new brand of kosher bread has been launched in the UK. ‘The Family Bread’ range includes traditional white and wholemeal bread, rolls and Challot, all available at kosher shops across London. Competitively priced, the new range of The Family Bread products will ensure that high quality, freshly baked kosher bread is more affordable than ever before.
The Family Bread Company Bring Tasty, Affordable Bread to the Masses

The Family Bread owners noticed that the rising cost of kosher bread was leaving consumers struggling with their weekly shopping and that the price difference between kosher bread and non kosher bread was significant. They decided to come up with a way to manufacture kosher bread which could be sold at affordable prices.

After visiting a dozen factories across the UK, they found a brand new factory being converted into use for baked goods and struck a deal to create a line especially for kosher bread.

Using the huge automated seven deck oven, the entire bread making process follows the highest standards of Kashrut and quality. In addition, having the factory based in London ensures that consumers have access to tasty and nutritious bread on a daily basis. Within half an hour, 2000 loaves can be produced and the nutritional information is printed on the labels to inform consumers of exactly what, and how much, is put into their loaf of bread. Family bread is now available in all major kosher shops across North, North West London and the home counties. In the near future it will be available in Manchester and beyond. Retail prices range from 99p to £ 1.19 and include white, wholemeal and bloomer bread, round and long rolls and Challot, both mezonot and hamotzei.

Co-owner Ari Wajnsztok said; “The Family Bread Company is delighted to introduce a brand new range of great tasting and affordable bread to the Jewish community. Baked daily at a local factory in London, we can guarantee fresh and nutritious bread which is also Pas Yisrael and will help give Jewish consumers greater choice in purchasing kosher bread.”
Rabbi Conway, Director of the London Beis Din Kashrus Division said:

“One of the KLBD’s main goals is to make Kashrus as easy and affordable as possible. We are delighted to have been instrumental in bringing such high quality and affordable Mehadrin bread to London and the Jewish community further afield. We look forward to supporting the production of other staple products in the future.”

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