Sugars and Spices from Indonesia

Sugars and Spices from Indonesia

4 September 2014

Navil Natural, based in Argomulyo village in Sedayu district, Indonesia, makes a range of sugars, sweeteners and spices along with coffee and coconut oil. Cinnamon, in the form of sticks, cuts and powder, is one of the spices produced by Navil Natural. Another speciality of the spice variety is vanilla beans, either whole, in cut form or in the form of powder. Additional spices supplied by Navil Natural include cloves and nutmeg. Organic coconut products are another part of the company’s portfolio, and these include coconut sugar and coconut oil. Coconut sugar works excellently as a flavour enhancer in cooking, baking and drinks. Many of the products made by Navil Natural have been certified kosher by KLBD to enable these products to reach wider markets. Navil Natural gets many of its source materials direct from small farmer groups in Indonesia, so gaining better access to global markets helps both the company and the farmers too, who are gaining a better livelihood as a result.

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