NUCE 2015

16 - 17 April 2015
Bologna, Italy

The KLBD kosher certification team enjoyed spreading the kosher certification message at NUCE 2015.

This year the event was held in partnership with Cosmofarma, an important exhibition for professionals involved in the pharmaceutical industries. The aim of this partnership was to demonstrate the complete world of nutraceutics and cosmeceutics.

This holistic view included source materials, finished products and the methods of promoting pharmaceuticals in various marketplaces. A key selling point for organisations in the supply chain is whether items are kosher certified, and KLBD helped such organisations with any questions that they had regarding the process and benefits of kosher accreditation.

People attending Cosmofarma had the opportunity, since they were also exposed to the events NUCE and FOOD-ING, to see the progression from raw materials and the making of things to eat and drink, as well as make-up items such as lipsticks and face creams.

There were interactive events staged to enable people attending to get involved in creating products, so that they could appreciate the processes involved.