Gaining an Edge in New Product Development


In the food industry developing new products takes many factors for innovative companies to make an impact in the marketplace. Expertise in processing techniques, packaging materials, legislation and ingredients is required to keep pace with the preferences and demands of

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Benefits of Reducing Food Loss and Waste

woman in kitchen with wood waste

In 2016, the UN announced a global effort that seeks to reduce food waste; more specifically, the goal is to half food waste levels by 2030. The organisation estimated that one-third of all food was lost or wasted worldwide, even

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Standing Out from the Big Players in the Food Industry


The food industry is an incredibly competitive market, creating a challenging environment for younger companies looking to compete with household names. However, there are ways in which many smaller companies are able to compete with the big brands as they

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Eco-friendly Food Manufacture: Reducing Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

In the fast-paced market that is food manufacture, ongoing improvement is a concept all companies strive for. As trends change, requirements from your company alter as well. The challenge is deciding which trends will hold sway in future years and

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Japanese company Horaiya Honten to start opening up new international markets!


Japanese food has become one of the most popular modern cuisines. It’s healthy, easy and can be quick to make: all benefits that combine to increase its popularity. With continuing innovation it is predicted to be one of the three

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Penalties on Plastic – How New Regulations May Affect Your Business

In recent years, there has been an emphasis on taking better care of your body with a view to benefit general health and increase life expectancy. Diet is a main factor. Take a look at our  Health Benefits of a

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