What Makes A Production Manager?

Production managers are an integral part of any food manufacturing business. The role requires skills such as planning, coordination and control of manufacturing processes, thus ensuring products are produced efficiently and to a high standard. In 2017, UK total food

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From Kochi to Erode, India

Food in India is regionally specific and diverse: the eating habits of its huge population are influenced by climate, cultural history and religious practices.  Approximately one-third of India’s population is vegetarian and consequently a much wider selection of vegetables is

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A Guide to Food Certifications

Checklist for certifications

Taking a trip to the supermarket is an exciting and educating experience. Faced with hundreds of products to choose from, the consumer must look at greater factors than the standard eye-catching packaging when making their choice on what to buy.

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Ingredients for German Success

Germany is the largest food producer in Europe. Food and beverage production is the country’s fourth largest industry sector, generating production figures of €150 billion annually.  Many factors contribute to this impressive performance: Germany offers a particularly positive market environment

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Gaining an Edge in New Product Development

In the food industry developing new products takes many factors for innovative companies to make an impact in the marketplace. Expertise in processing techniques, packaging materials, legislation and ingredients is required to keep pace with the preferences and demands of

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Benefits of Reducing Food Loss and Waste

woman in kitchen with wood waste

In 2016, the UN announced a global effort that seeks to reduce food waste; more specifically, the goal is to half food waste levels by 2030. The organisation estimated that one-third of all food was lost or wasted worldwide, even

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