The World of Health Ingredients Comes to Frankfurt This Month

The World of Health Ingredients Comes to Frankfurt This Month

23 November 2016

Health Ingredients Europe & Natural Ingredients, better known as ‘Hi Europe and Ni’, is taking place this year from 29th November to 1st December in Frankfurt.  Held biennially, this premier event is valued by leaders in the nutritional food and beverage industry as the perfect opportunity to showcase the latest product innovation and natural food trends from all over the world.

Hi Europe and Ni provides a global overview of the nutrition and wellness industries, highlighting natural and organic ingredients, solutions for food and drink formulation, dietary supplements and the latest processing and packaging methods. It is an integral part of the Health and Nutrition Week which also promises to be a focal point for internationally renowned experts hoping to network and create new business opportunities.

New trends are constantly evolving within the industry, so the exhibition hall at Frankfurt is a great setting for food industry professionals to exchange information and ideas. One likely topic is how the word ‘probiotics’ can no longer be used in the EU and has been replaced ‘with live cultures’, or ‘with billions of lactobacillus cultures’. The shift in digestive health language has even led to Danone changing their labelling to, ‘enjoy while you make your stomach smile’ for its Activia Yogurt with Cereals and Forest Fruits. Another issue for comment may be the inadequate amount of fibre being consumed in certain countries and how there has been a recent resurgence in fermented foods.

This year, there have been so many impressive and original start-up ingredient projects that the HI Europe and NI event organisers have devised a ‘Start-Up Innovation Challenge’.  The lucky prize-winners will be offered a strong media visibility and a ‘starter package’ provided by Agroparc’s key partners, to develop and test their technologies while being supported by industry experts.

Not surprisingly, many KLBD certified companies have chosen to exhibit in Frankfurt again this year and will be showcasing a diverse range of exciting products and ideas.   It will be a first appearance for Italian company, Naturalia Ingredients at the show and Giampiero Melandri, Export Manager, commented, ‘Hi Frankfurt will be our first time of exhibiting at this well established exhibition for health and natural ingredients. We think we have the best natural, delicious and reliable sweetener in the marketplace. It is kosher certified too and you are assured of a warm welcome at Stand B16’.


A visit to Hall 3, Stand F34 will find Paris-based Alland & Robert, a world leader in gum acacia production and a specialist in food additives since its formation in 1884. The Acacia Fiber range is ideal for use in dietary and other health products with its odourless, tasteless and colour-free properties.  Alland & Robert is committed to the naturalness of its product and carries out strict controls with suppliers throughout the production process and ensuring good working conditions for harvesters. Acacia Fiber is resistant to acidity and heat, can undergo highly complex preparation methods and its PH is compatible with milk proteins.

Carbery Food Ingredients and sister company, Synergy Flavours, have joined forces for the show to promote their innovative protein and flavour portfolio. Synergy will demonstrate its range of flavours that are effective in disguising bitter off-notes in a range of protein-based products.  Attendees visiting Stand H63 will be able to sample a variety of exciting applications and participate in a prize-winning ‘Guess the Flavour’ competition. Together, Carbery and Synergy ensure that manufacturers are able to meet the nutritional market needs of today.

Dutch company, Friesland Campina Domo, has recently launched its latest infant and toddler nutrition ingredients range, featuring the first oligosaccharide with an identical structure to a human milk oligosaccharide and Vivinal Milk Fat which similarly provides vital fat components for infant nutrition.  Stand H24 will be an essential place to visit for experts in this highly specialised sector, as well as those interested in medical sip and tube feeds and products related to sports nutrition.

Another KLBD certified company exhibiting is Cambridge Commodities Limited on Stand F1, a highly respected supplier to the sports nutrition, health and wellbeing, food and drink and pet and equine industries. CCL has received several accolades in recent years, including being named amongst the prestigious ‘1,000 Companies to Inspire Britain 2016’ in a report produced by the London Stock Exchange.  Always forward thinking and committed to quality and innovation, CCL has succeeded in its mission to supply products that satisfy a consumer driven marketplace. Elouan Morel, European Sales Manager and his team will be awaiting your visit.

As there are so many amazing stands to visit in a short period, the organisers have recognised the importance of planning an efficient schedule.  They have launched a great business matchmaking service so that meetings can be pre-arranged with selected exhibitors to make the optimum use of time available. To access the service first register at:

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