What Consumers Look for in Packaging

What Consumers Look for in Packaging

21 September 2018

Ensuring that your business takes advantage of every opportunity to promote itself over your competitors can mean the difference between success and failure. One of the simplest yet most effective ways of promoting your brand is through your product’s packaging.

Why Does Packaging Matter?

Packaging can have a huge impact on buyers’ purchasing decisions. Studies have found that it takes consumers only seven seconds to decide whether they wish to purchase your product. 90% of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously and packaging plays a big role in putting forth a good first impression of your product.

In fact, as one third of all consumers’ decision-making is based on packaging, indicating its importance when it comes to foregrounding on the shelves. Packaging also matters because it is an effective way to promote your brand image and differentiate your product from competitors.

As it gives a first impression, it is important to identify what your customers look for in packaging, which is the first step in enabling you to design effective packaging for your products.

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What Consumers Look for in Packaging


Packaging must identify not only the product, but perhaps more importantly, the brand. It must do this to ensure the product is identifiable, particularly amongst loyal consumers. Even the most generic budget brands will make their brand clear on their packaging; people will not buy the product if they cannot decipher what it is.

Consumers love and trust logos, which contribute to creating a consistent brand. Clearly identifying your brand on your packaging is a big step towards creating a consistent brand: these  brands are worth 20% more than those that are not consistent.


The design of your packaging is one area in particular where you can gain a crucial edge over your competitors. It is usually better to design packaging that is unique rather than sticking with familiar designs, in order to capture attention. Some caution is required, as packaging that is too unorthodox may deter consumers.

Appealing wrapping is also something consumers are fond of and have come to expect from manufacturers. Studies have found that attractive packaging induces more intense brain activity than neutral coverings; pleasant coverings also cause activity in the brain associated with rewards.

The best designs are those that evoke emotion; even for the most rational people, there is always an emotional aspect to buying. Product packaging has a real influence on how consumers feel about products, and people tend to purchase a brand when it makes them feel positive.



Good use of colours is something consumers like to see in packaging, as it contributes to the overall attractiveness of the product. It can be a useful tool in drawing attention; a whopping 93% of buyers said they focus on visual appearance, with 85% claiming colour as the main reason for making a purchase.

Deciding the colour of your packaging should be given careful consideration, as each colour is associated with certain attributes. For example, the colour green is associated with health, tranquillity and nature, while purple is related to royalty, wisdom and respect.


Consumers truly appreciate packaging that is easy to use when purchasing products. Even though it is important to focus on the design of your packaging, including the colour scheme, it is essential to first ensure the packaging is accessible.

Products that consumers will not finish in one use need to be resealable easily and quickly. In one survey, 55% of respondents said that the number one irritant with packaging was products that were difficult to open.


Ecological Aspects

There is a growing awareness of the need for sustainable living, and consumers are increasingly demanding ‘green’ packaging. This is essentially packaging that can be recycled or reused, and consumers are looking for minimal packaging that uses fewer materials. Less packaging implies lower levels of waste, and companies are consequently making strenuous efforts to reduce the amount of packaging they use.


Consumers like to know exactly what they are purchasing, and if it meets certain criteria. If your product has been accredited by us or from another certifier, make this visible on the packaging. Showing that your product is certified can give you an edge over your competitors.


Simple packaging is quite often the secret to effective marketing with ‘clean labelling’ being a current trend. Consumers want to know the key details about the product; the packaging should offer clear and concise information about the brand, product and sustainability.

Moments of visual calm are often rare in today’s overstimulating market, so when consumers are exposed to simple packaging, they often gravitate towards it.

Achieving the right balance between attractiveness, uniqueness and simplicity is a big challenge, even for the most established brands. Here at KLBD we do understand the necessity of accreditations, Kosher certification in particular although we cannot assist directly with the marketing of your products. Get Kosher certified today! Contact us by calling 020 8343 6255 or by emailing info@klbdkosher.org.

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