Summer: Kosher on the Go

Summer: Kosher on the Go

11 August 2017

As people lead increasingly busy lives, the speed at which they can purchase and consume convenience food items plays a large part in their popularity. The food-to-go market is estimated to be around £16.1bn in the UK alone and one of the largest growth areas in the UK food industry.  Now that summer is in full swing this is good news for the millions of tourists visiting the UK and time-pressured workers seeking quick and satisfying lunch options on their break.

Gavin Rothwell, senior retail insight manager at grocery research organisation IGD, maintains that UK food-to-go shoppers have become increasingly discerning about products they expect to find in airports, motorway services, garage forecourts and other outlets on their travels.

These include foods for vegetarian, vegan, dairy free and gluten-free diets. He also reports that foods which support active lifestyles are performing well and that the advent of wearable technology is giving shoppers a greater insight into the nutritional and calorific value of what they eat.

The variety of enticing kosher food options available in the booming food-to-go sector is also a welcome boost for tourists and city dwellers alike seeking kosher foods. Jewish people who apply stringent standards for maintaining a kosher home are just as concerned to find kosher options when they are out and about. It can be a challenge to find exciting kosher products on the move and there is a great demand for tasty snacks which are appealing, nutritious and convenient too.

Catching sight of the distinctive KLBD logo on products in the UK and around the world provides an immediate assurance for consumers of the quality and adherence to strict kosher standards they expect to find.

Widely recognised as Britain’s favourite bakery brand and newly certified by KLBD, Warburtons is a prime example of popular certified products which can be readily found both on the high street and at public transport hubs. As well as its number one position in the UK bakery category, Warburtons also holds the second place ranking in the UK Grocery section.

Commenting on the announcement, Rabbi Jeremy Conway, Director of KLBD, said: ‘KLBD’s priority is to give kosher consumers the widest possible choice of foods. We are therefore delighted that Warburtons have chosen to partner with KLBD and take up Kosher certification. The breadth of the range will be a great help to kosher consumers, particularly to people living in outlying communities as well as Jewish students, holidaymakers and all those away from home’.


The perfect accompaniment for the crumpets, toasties and many other delicious bakery products manufactured by Warburtons is the miniature Tiptree jam and honey range. When it comes to planning family picnic outings, BFree wraps and pittas also come into their own and bite size Rakusen’s crackers are great to use with a variety of dips. Large and small packets of Propercorn are irresistible to munch at any time and the range of Rude Health single sized almond milks a delicious choice of drink.

KLBD is constantly raising awareness of innovative food and drinks which have been certified so that consumers throughout the world can access new and varied kosher products. A visit to the Waitrose confectionery aisle in Dubai will reveal Bear Strawberry Yoyos and a trip to Rushtons Supermarket in Manila, the Dorset Cereals range. Ryvita can be found on the shelves of the Public Supermarket Miami and other certified items at the Nassau Candy store in New York.

En route to these and other far flung destinations, the delicious Propercorn and Maltesers will help to pass the time on British Airways flights and, at the Heathrow duty free shop, whisky aficionados can purchase Auchentoshan American Oak single malt whisky and recently certified Bowmore Islay No 1 amongst their other favourite brands.

Visitors to London should download the KLBD app for details of all kosher eating establishments in the capital, an authoritative guide to kosher fish in the UK and sign up to receive Kashrut Alerts of new products and licensees. There is even a ‘Kashrut Photo Query’ facility which allows them to take a photo of a food product to confirm it is kosher. Outside of London, the brilliant Kosher Nosh Guide provides a definitive list of kosher products available at various named outlets in the rest of the country.

Whatever the time of year, KLBD Kosher is always aware of the latest trends in the food and beverage industry and how appropriate seasonal marketing can make such a big impact.  As working habits and lifestyles of busy consumers in 2017 continue to evolve from rigid eating patterns to food on the go as time permits, it is not surprising to learn that this sector of the food industry is forging ahead beyond all expectations.

Summer: Kosher on the Go

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