Roo’bar – The Raw Bar with Superfoods

Roo’bar – The Raw Bar with Superfoods

21 June 2016

The snacking category has seen significant growth in the last five years. Consumers are changing their pace; demanding healthy, yet indulgent snacks that can be eaten as part of a meal.

The snack food sector has seen a move away from the traditional sweet and ‘unhealthy’ snacks. The market has been flooded with healthier snacks including bars like Roobar, dried fruit products and crisp alternatives such as popcorn. As a result the ‘better-for-you’ category has seen significant growth which is forecast to continue, outpacing traditional snack foods.

Better-for-you snacks, which do not compromise on taste, have more of an appeal. Roobar’s unique selling point is in its simplicity and the benefits it has. It contains 4 to 5 ingredients only, including superfoods, it is organic, raw, vegan, gluten-free, with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, but it is sweet enough to satisfy consumers’ taste buds.

Within the snack food sector, snack bars, like Roobar, are the second largest category, after frozen snacks, because of their convenience. According to a report published by Expo West 2015 this category achieves some of the highest sales, yielding around $600 billion annually, an 800% increase over the last decade. As a result, it is one of the most saturated markets with over 2000 bars available to choose from, thus each bar must have a significant USP in order to stand out.

Born in the first organic food shop in Bulgaria, Roobar started as a handmade dessert that Anita created for her family. The demand for the bars was fast to follow and Anita and Kalin joined forces with the manager of Smart Organic, Bulgaria’s leading organic distributor, Yani Dragov to turn the handmade bar into the commercial and easily accessible product that it is today.

Roobar comes at a time when the type of snack demanded by consumers has changed. A consumer desire to lead a healthier lifestyle has led to a general move across the entire food and drink sector. Health gurus are recommending eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. In turn, there has been a shift in consumers’ attitudes towards snacking: 41% of interviewees report to perceive snacks as an important part of a healthy eating plan throughout the day and 51% say they consume more than three snacks a day.

Consumers around the globe are becoming increasingly demanding. Over 40% of consumers are seeking products with natural ingredients, no artificial colours, non-GMO and no artificial flavours. Roobar satisfies these qualities and beyond – it is organic, vegan, raw, gluten-free, KLBD kosher certified, and with superfoods.

Roobar’s core target market, the youngest generations, are said to be driving the healthier snacking trend. These consumers are more concerned about health, have a positive attitude toward snacking and consequently prioritise convenience. Companies must find a way of communicating the benefits of their products through their marketing. Roobar’s packaging highlights the significant health and nutritional benefits of the product, while its colourful, fun, and quirky nature illustrates its tasty and fun nature. Its size and form communicate its convenience.

Recent Roobar awards include Winner Veggie Bite Award – Innovative Food Product of the Year, and Innovative Enterprise of the Year. The product has won awards for innovation on 3 continents.

Ever since its launch Roobar has seen significant growth – it is now available in 46 countries, including the UK, Canada, France and Switzerland. KLBD look forward to continue working with Roobar, as they continue to grow and expand the company and product range.


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