The Rise and Fall of Food Trends

The Rise and Fall of Food Trends

6 December 2016

The food industry is always changing. We see many food and beverages come in and out of favour with the consumer. What is it that leads to particular foods gaining sudden popularity? How can food manufacturers take advantage of these trends?

The Health Trend

A major trend to be aware of is that of health, one that continues to grow in prominence on a yearly basis. No matter what people are eating, there will always be demand for healthy foods. The problem with this trend is that the consumers can often become bored of particular foods if they do not see a marked difference in their health or looks, particularly if the expectations are that this item would offer the dramatic change they wish to see.

This may be why we so often see the healthy food trend changing, from kale to avocados to rice cakes. In many cases, foods such as these have been launched as a trend by a well-known public figure – if a celebrity is eating a particular food, many people will follow suit.

It is important that food manufacturers do not make dramatic promises that they cannot keep when marketing health foods. This can often lead to these items falling out of favour as they fail to deliver on consumers’’ expectations.

The Environmental Trend

The public are becoming increasingly aware of their impact on the environment. For this reason, consumers are beginning to pay more attention to where their food comes from and any impact it has on the environment. As a result, many people are opting to buy local produce rather than that which has been imported in order to decrease their own environmental impact.

This is something which many food manufacturers choose to take advantage of as they already use certifications such as the Red Tractor (logo with a Union Jack) which tells the consumer that the product comes from within the UK. In France they may use Label Rouge, and perhaps Naturland in Germany. By ensuring that you have the relevant certifications on your packaging, you can inform consumers of the production process behind your products, encouraging sales.

The Visual Trend

Food packaging plays a huge role in the success of food and beverage products. This is particularly notable with the rise of social media, such as Instagram, as consumers choose to share images of and thoughts on their meals and snacks. Using humour can be incredibly effective and making use of unique and interesting forms of packaging is popular with consumers.

Food manufacturers can take advantage of this trend, not just through their food packaging, but through their social media presence. By encouraging the trend of sharing photos and posts of these products, you can increase the visibility and public awareness of your food and beverages.

The food industry continues to change, but there are some elements that remain the same – displaying certifications is essential and beneficial. Getting kosher certified may be easier than you think. Get in touch with us today by calling +44 (0) 20 8343 6255 to speak to a member of our team, or email and we will be in touch.

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