Retail Food Trends for 2018

Retail Food Trends for 2018

26 September 2018

While the food manufacturing industry rapidly changes, it is beneficial for retailers to understand the forthcoming trends that will influence consumers’ purchasing habits. Consumer values are one of the reasons the food industry changes, highlighting how important it is for retailers to understand what shoppers are seeking.

One of the top trends to continue in 2018 is the use of own-label products appealing to the widest range of consumers. Considering the power of packaging and branding when it comes to attracting customers to food products, this trend is likely to continue.

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The Rise of Own-Label Products

Research conducted by IGD suggests 75% of shoppers in the UK believe there has been an improvement in the quality of private label products over the previous two years. This indicates that retailers are recognising the importance of this trend, resulting in a greater emphasis on premium own-label ranges. Throughout 2018, this is expected to continue.

This is beneficial for retailers and manufacturers, as it contributes to their differentiating themselves from the competition in the retail market.

Importance of Healthy Foods

There are several ways for retailers and manufacturers to keep up-to-date with the current trends: one of these is to align with the evolving food trends which meet the needs and tastes of diverse and demanding customers. Retailers who can predict and respond to customer desires will increase their chances of standing out from the competition.

72% of UK shoppers looking to buy healthier food and this is a trend that retailers need to assimilate into their business model. Eating more healthily is becoming a lifestyle for many, highlighting the importance of wholesome food for the industry.

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Offering Sustainability

Consumers are looking for sustainability, making it an important factor in food purchasing and consumption. This core standard is something retailers should look to adhere to. Today, products with hand-written labels and stamped brand logos offer a personal message to the shopper, creating a bond by purveying an honest and authentic image.

Retailers are rationalising their ranges of products as a way to connect with customers in their markets; they are individualising their product range by using regional and sustainable products. This is a trend manufacturers must keep in mind to make their products desirable.

A kosher certification is increasingly prevalent within the retail sector. Many foods and beverages are certified, including McCain’s oven chips, Mars Bars and Marmite. This certification can help provide access to new markets and customers potentially benefitting all retailers and manufacturers in the food industry. Find out more about why you should go kosher.

At KLBD Kosher, we are the largest orthodox kosher certification agency in Europe, as well as being among the top five overall worldwide, with our logo recognised globally. We understand the importance food market developments have on retailers and manufacturers within the food industry.


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