Marketing and Food Packaging: Importance of a Streamlined Strategy

Marketing and Food Packaging: Importance of a Streamlined Strategy

2 November 2016

The design of food packaging plays an essential role in its protection of the food; it keeps it safe from the manufacturing process to the consumers’ hands. It is vital that packaging ensures the food arrives in good condition, and that it offers protection from the environment, bacteria and germs.

Packaging provides all essential information about the product while it sits on the shelf, guaranteeing that consumers are made aware of all aspects such as allergies and nutritional information. It is also an efficient way of attracting consumers’ attention to your products. An eye-catching and memorable design ensures they will remember and recognise your brand. These factors are vital to attract potential consumers and to retain existing ones; package design, shape, and colours can be decisive in attracting attention to your product whilst it is on the shelf.

Ease of recognition is also important for consumers to differentiate your product from your competitors’ products. Packaging has always played a vital part in assuring consumers of the products’ safety, but it also plays a big role in food advertisements and marketing. Your product’s packaging needs to be easy to understand, with all vital elements in a clear and visible manner. Its straightforwardness is a key aspect in consumer trust.

Packaging is key to being successful; in food, your product’s packaging will inform consumers of the contents and potential allergens. Simple packaging can be effective, as simplicity can stand out in a marketing world where your senses are constantly bombarded with information.

KLBD Kosher is a leader in kosher certification, providing a recognisable and reputable logo to packaging in kosher certified food and drink. Effective labelling is just as important as well-designed packaging, providing a quickly recognisable visual cue of the food’s ingredients.

A kosher logo from our KLBD Kosher Certification is a guarantee to your consumers of the absence of ingredients that do not meet kosher regulations. They can be reassured that the packaged food has followed particular manufacturing processes that guarantees health and safety procedures were adhered to at the highest level.

Distinguishable and providing transparency, the logo has become an authority in packaging. When deciding between food products, consumers will rely on labels they trust to make informed decisions. Quality assurance informs consumers that food has been prepared in a certain way, and that certain ingredients are absent from the product.

Dietary requirements and general healthiness also form a big percentage of why kosher food is preferred, and it becomes vital to provide consumers with packaging and labels they can trust. Vegans and vegetarians can know with absolute certainty that your products, with a parve kosher certificate, do not contain particular ingredients.

With KLBD Kosher Certification, your consumers are guaranteed to buy from a reliable source that ensures all packaged food has completely followed all kosher requirements. For more information about how you can get kosher certified, you can get in touch by giving KLBD Kosher a call on +44 (0) 20 8343 6255.

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