Manna from Denmark

Manna from Denmark

17 July 2018

Sourced from the maple forests of Eastern Canada, the delicious Manna Maple syrup is then bottled in Denmark ready for the consumer to enjoy. With its cooking versatility and excellent taste, the company Cofradex ApS’ Maple syrup continues to create demand worldwide.

Ron Vermont, the company’s CEO is very committed to his Jewish roots. It was in fact his own personal connection which inspired him to create the Manna Maple product. For him it is “a very symbolic brand name that reflects the hope, strength and energy that has been given to Jewish people in the desert by manna.” Supplying this tasty and nutritious syrup (with higher levels of minerals and vitamins than any other sweetner) to the Jewish people is important to him and he is looking forward to bringing this to the UK. KLBD are delighted to certify the product and acknowledge the important role Ron’s heritage plays in bringing this to community members and kosher conscious consumers alike.

The company have mostly been exporting to Israel where there has been a very positive reaction from communities. The success heavily relies on the quality of the product and its unique taste.

Those that have tried the syrup believe other consumers will truly find it a product that has a unique versatility for cooking and baking. It can be used in drinks, at breakfast and with desserts on any occasion as well as in salad dressings, as an ingredient in stir fries, in marinades for meat and as a replacement for sugar when baking.

Manna Maple brings taste innovation to the consumer and those that have sampled the product have felt inspired to create new recipes.

Ron is not only dedicated to the quality of the product itself but to sourcing a high standard of packaging for his customers. With plastic bottles declining in popularity, the glass bottle represents a socially conscious company that is dedicated to ensuring consumers are supporting and preserving the planet as well as preserving the taste of the product more effectively.

With a  stand out  transparent label presented in a traditional maple syrup bottle, Manna Maple gives you a product you are proud to bring to your table.

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Manna from Denmark

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