Liquid Sweetener Blends from VUC Services are now Kosher!

Liquid Sweetener Blends from VUC Services are now Kosher!

16 September 2010

VUC Services SPOL S.R.O of Czech Republic is proud to announce that from June 29, 2012 all their industrial products including the fructose syrups, invert sugars and NATURMIX Stevia Blends are now Kosher certified by the London Beth Din. KLBD endorsed these quality liquid sweetener blends from VUC Services as Kosher Pareve.

The last ruling monarchs of the Austrian Empire, the Hapsburg family, originally owned the Zvoleněves sugar beet factory. After the First World War, the State acquired the factory and later it went up for private ownership. When the company closed in 2001 it was transformed by VUC Services into a specialist liquid sweetener production centre. VUC is the Czech Sugar Industry Research Institute.

VUC Services has technologists and chemists committed to produce the best liquid sweetener solutions in Central Europe. Their catalogue of products includes: Liquid invert sugar ISK (SUCROMIX VUC, Fructose syrups, Baking syrups, NATURMIX), Organic liquid and organic invert sugar (Burnt Sugar and Liquid sugar LS VUC) and other products (soft brown sugar, cassonade sugar, vergeoise sugar, fondants and sucroline). The company is versatile enough to offer standard sugar solutions as well as tailor-made products for their clientele. Aside from the kosher certification, they also hold certification from ISO (9001 and 14001) and HACCP.

The London Beth Din, or Court of Jewish Law in London has been upholding the highest standards of Kosher laws for over 300 years. This prestigious kosher certification agency is headed by a revered organisation of rabbinical judges (Dayanim) and Rabbi’s supervising the kosher certification of various companies in the food industry all over the world. Kosher certification can assist in making food products more marketable and available to people who keep kosher.

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