Lionel Hitchen Essential Oils

Lionel Hitchen Essential Oils

15 December 2015

Essential oils, also known as oleoresins, are a highly sought after ingredient. These oils are demanded by manufacturers around the world to be used in many products across a range of industries. In particular, they are used in the food and beverage industry to create and enhance flavour compounds. Established in 1965 by Lionel Hitchen, Lionel Hitchen Essential Oils are a global supplier of their innovative taste solutions.

Since 2010 the essential oil manufacturing industry has thrived, driven by demand from numerous markets including the food and beverage industry, cosmetic and beauty product manufacturers and soap manufacturers. Encouragingly the growth is predicted to continue.

Flavours are the future. Future Market Insights identified changing food preferences driving a move toward more complex flavour blends in food and beverages. Similarly, ‘Unusual flavours’ was highlighted by Innova Market Insights as a key trend for 2016. With flavour innovation key, essential oil companies are of increasing importance to buyers of food ingredients.

This year Lionel Hitchen Essential Oils celebrate their 50th year anniversary. Reaching 50 years is a significant milestone for any company to achieve. Throughout the 50 years Lionel Hitchen Essential Oils has continued to evolve by adapting to the changing demands of their customers driven by the food and drink industry. Despite their significant growth the company has maintained the high quality of their product.

KLBD were delighted to meet the family run company at FI Paris where they celebrated their 50th year anniversary. KLBD and Lionel Hitchen Essential Oils have worked together for over 20 years and KLBD look forward to continuing this relationship.

Thinking about the next 50 years Lionel Hitchen Essential Oils are seeking new opportunities, and working on producing new materials and flavours.

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Lionel Hitchen Essential Oils

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