Kosher Certified Equals Quality Assurance

Kosher Certified Equals Quality Assurance

16 December 2012

Healthy eating
People in the UK are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of eating a healthy diet. This has lead to a rise in shopping for healthy foods and searching out foods with quality marks which stand for independent inspection and traceability: the providence of the product. Kosher certification is the most wide ranging quality standard that appeals to the widest section of society. Therefore products are often suitable for all consumers but also explicitly include vegetarians, vegans, Muslims, as well as Jews. This inclusivity, of these four and some other smaller groups, gives an additional potential market of 5.2 million in the UK, as well as the wider population.New regulations and voluntary codes requiring manufacturers to reduce salt and sugar content offer an opportunity whilst re-packaging to kosher certify. The re-printing of the packaging would then allow incorporation of the new kosher logo.

Why Kosher?
The KLBD logo guarantees an absence of anything of animal origin in the product’s ingredients, sub-ingredients and processing aids. Kosher laws outline important principles for food preparation. These include the separation of dairy and meat, and the identification of food that is neither i.e. neutral which is known as pareve or parve. Furthermore processing aids are examined in detail.

Speciality Food
Kosher has long been seen as a speciality / ethnic food. Now we are seeing an increasing number of speciality food manufacturers gaining kosher certification e.g. Rude Health, Nakd, Scrumshus Granola, Bennett Opie, Rowse, Wilkin & Sons and Bokomo Foods. These companies exhibit at trade fairs including the Speciality & Fine Food Fair and the BBC Good Food Show. The brands are joining the large international brands which KLBD is also proud to service including Mars, Weetabix, Drambuie, Twinings, Cobra and Cadburys.

Food on the go
Consumers are eating more and more out of the home. They are increasingly eating whilst travelling. Consumers seeking kosher certified food are no exception.
Working with supermarkets

KLBD works with manufacturers for private label products for supermarkets including Waitrose, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. We also seek to increase the range of kosher certified branded products available in both supermarkets and independents.

The process and cost
For many companies the process is straight forward. The cost is usually less than that of an exhibition. Don’t wait for your competitors to steal a march on you.

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