KLBD Presents Kosher at Treatt’s Training Course

KLBD Presents Kosher at Treatt’s Training Course

16 March 2012

Leading flavour and fragrance raw ingredients supplier and long standing KLBD kosher certified client RC Treatt and Earthoil recently held their triennial training course for customers. David Busse, Technical Sales Manager at KLBD gave a lively presentation on the ins and outs of kosher certification, some challenges and some solutions. The exposition was well received by the international audience with attendees from Europe, China and South America.
Treatt has production facilities in UK and USA and a major subsidiary Earthoil, with production facilities Kenya and India.
Treatt, founded in 1886 is a publicly listed company on the London Stock Exchange.
Treatt USA produces natural citrus oil concentrates and specialties for juice and flavor enhancement, folded and terpeneless citrus oils (including the Citreatt range of products) plus the Treattarome range of products.

Their extensive customer base includes not only major and medium sized flavor and fragrance houses, but also some of the world’s largest food, beverage and cosmetic companies who have the R&D capability to utilize the ingredients. Recent product launches for Treatt include black tea flavour and hibiscus both in their natural FTNF (From The Named Food) Treattarome line both for beverage applications.

Treatt also represents Endeavour Speciality Chemicals (another KLBD customer) exclusively on a worldwide basis. Endeavour specialises in the small-scale manufacture of fine chemicals for the flavour and fragrance industries
KLBD Kosher Certification certifies around 1,000 companies worldwide including many manufacturing and trading essential oils, plant extracts, flavours and fragrances.

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