KLBD Opens an Operational Centre in Thailand

KLBD Opens an Operational Centre in Thailand

6 May 2015

KLBD Kosher Certification has further expanded its global presence by opening an office in Thailand.

Chaim Richman is heading up KLBD Thailand. He says: “We are in Thailand to enable KLBD to enhance the help we already give to the Thai food industry through kosher accreditation and consultancy services, and to better serve our existing clients in Thailand. Such clients include Dow Chemical, Toumi Intertrade and many others”.

KLBD Thailand is based in Chonburi which is 90km east of Bangkok. To support this new venture, KLBD has launched a Thai language website. With important information about KLBD and its kosher certification services, the website explains what kosher is, along with the steps that need to be taken by a company if it wishes to achieve certification. The new website has been produced for people in the food and beverage sector in countries where Thai is spoken, along with such people located in other countries across the globe. As the official language of Thailand, Thai is also a recognised minority language in its neighbouring countries: Burma, Laos and Cambodia.

For more information please visit the KLBD Thailand website: www.th.klbdkosher.org



Southeast Asia, Southeast of Burma.


Borders with Burma, Laos, Cambodia.


The Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea.

    • ECONOMY:

Thailand is the second largest economy in Southeast Asia, after Indonesia. Thailand also ranks second in South East Asia in external trade volume, after Singapore. Thailand has an established infrastructure, policies encouraging investment, and well developed export industries. Processing of agricultural products is a major industry.

    • EXPORTS:

Exports account for more than two­thirds of the Gross Domestic Product of Thailand. Exports of agricultural and industrial products contribute to a strong free enterprise economy. These exports include fishery products, rice, fruit, processed foods, chemicals and electronic products along with automobiles and their associated items.

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