KLBD Kosher Certifies Sake Manufacturers

KLBD Kosher Certifies Sake Manufacturers

23 February 2017

We have spoken numerous times about how your business can benefit from kosher certification, and we are seeing more food manufacturers approaching us in order to add the KLBD Kosher certification label to their packaging. One such business we recently worked with was that of Tamano Hikaru Sake Breweries, sake producers based in Japan.
Certifying food and beverage products seems to be rising in popularity in Japan, partially due to the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which will see a huge number of Western visitors pouring into the capital. With sake becoming more and more popular in Western markets, Japanese food and beverage manufacturers are aware of the opportunity this presents, and by acquiring Western certifications, they are able to make their products more attractive to this huge market.

Rabbi Dome in Sake Factory Tamanohikari Japan April 2016KLBD Kosher representatives Rabbi Colin Dome recently visited the factory of Japanese sake producers in order to review the factory and products produced. During this visit, the sake, water, rice koji production site and quality of the product were checked thoroughly as well as the cleaning methods employed. This thorough review process allows our experts to accurately judge whether our KLBD accreditation can be given to the product in question.

As we see markets such as the Japanese sake market expand here in the Western world, we also see the expansion of the kosher market as these companies seek the accreditation of reputable orthodox agencies. We are noticing the expansion of ethnic products in supermarkets up and down the country as whole aisles are dedicated to niche products.

The addition of this sake to the list of alcoholic beverages with kosher certification opens up more choice for those abiding by a kosher diet, particularly as it is a type of wine. Unlike some other alcoholic beverages, wine cannot be assumed to be kosher if it does not bear a hechsher.  Kosher Certification of wine requires each stage of production to be supervised and therefore is an intensive operation.

With the Jewish festival of Purim around the corner, these alcoholic beverages will be a welcome “exotic” addition to the festivities. Jews celebrate Purim to commemorate the historic miracle of being saved from the hands of the evil Haman in Persia.


Acquiring kosher accreditation can open your product up to a whole new market. If you would like to find out more about how KLBD Kosher can enable you to reach these markets, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team. You can call us on +44 (0) 20 8343 6255 or email us at info@klbdkosher.org and we will be happy to help.

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