KLBD Certify Slimming World Peanut Heaven Hi-Fi Cereal Bars

KLBD Certify Slimming World Peanut Heaven Hi-Fi Cereal Bars

16 August 2012

Exciting news for Jewish dieters in the UK as the Peanut Heaven variety of Hi-Fi multigrain cereal bars, the best selling product of the Slimming World food range, are now certified Kosher by the KLBD.

With hundreds of members of the Jewish community taking part in the Slimming World calorie controlled diet, Hi-Fi bars provide a welcome and tasty change when members are feeling peckish or need a ‘treat’ as part of their daily fibre intake. When you consider the alternative would be a slice of wholemeal bread, a delicious chewy cereal bar provides a welcome boost.

Behind the initiative is Michael Drucker, who after successfully losing in the region of 90kg (200lbs) with Slimming World within two years, became a Slimming World consultant. With a significant number of Jewish clients at his Edgware group, Michael realised that the lack of Kosher Slimming World products made it much harder for the dieters and got in touch with KLBD to push for a Kosher Hi-Fi bar.

After months of lobbying from KLBD Marketing Coordinator, Florette Hyman, the Peanut Heaven Hi-Fi bar is now certified Kosher-Dairy and can be purchased directly from Slimming World.

Director of the KLBD, Rabbi Jeremy Conway said;

“We are delighted to assist Jewish members of Slimming World by certifying one of their very popular and very tasty Hi-Fi Peanut Heaven cereal bars. I would like to give a special thank you to our Marketing Coordinator, Florette Hyman, who worked tirelessly to get this product certified. With enough demand and support from the community, we can work towards certifying the other flavours in the Hi-Fi range.”

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