KLBD and its Certification Clients Fly the Kosher Flag at BioFach

KLBD and its Certification Clients Fly the Kosher Flag at BioFach

18 March 2013

The kosher flag was flying high at the BioFach trade show in Germany, getting the orthodox certification message across to more than 40,000 exhibition visitors from around the world who are involved in the growing multi-million pound bio and organic food market.

KLBD demonstrated its pre-eminent position as the largest Kashrut agency in the Euro zone at the tremendously busy four-day show in Nuremberg during mid February. As always, the theme of the show was ‘all organic’ with influential representatives and offerings from the world of organic food, natural products, natural textiles, organic agriculture, fair trade products, and new products coming to the marketplace.

A large number of the exhibitors at BioFach were offering innovative food samples on their stands and promoting novel and interesting food trends. There was a fish market and an olive oil bar, as well as special areas for tasting a variety of interesting cheeses and coffees. As you may expect, representatives of the worldwide kosher certification agency KLBD were kept fully occupied for the duration of the show. They provided advice and support to many hundreds of people who were interested in increasing the market share of their business through kosher certification.

The KLBD experts were able to demonstrate to the visitors at the show that the agency is in a central position to assist food industry participants to succeed in the Euro zone and worldwide by being their kosher certification partner. The team showed visitors to the exhibition that KLBD is always able to assist, whether a company makes food chemicals, food ingredients, or finished food and drink products.

In addition to KLBD itself, many of the agency’s kosher certification clients were out in force, presenting their products and services as part of the community of more than 2,000 exhibitors. Some of the KLBD clients exhibiting at BioFach included:

  • A Fakhry & Co from Egypt, who spoke to visitors about its growing portfolio of food additives including a variety of essential oils, hydrolates, floral waters and waxes.
  • Also from Egypt, the EGY Group demonstrated its strong leadership in the supply of organic herbs, spices, seeds, fruits, vegetables, honey and essential oils.
  • The Sri Lanka-based manufacturer Renuka Agri Foods Plc educated visitors about its range of premium coconut products, available in both conventional and organic forms.
  • Representatives of the leading European food company Argana joined the show from its base in Austria to discuss its sugar products, fruit preparations and fruit juice concentrates.
  • Advice on organic food and feed ingredients was given by the Dutch firm Doens Food Ingredients BV, a leading European player in the food arena.
  • The Turkish firm Goknur Gida AS gave advice on the production and export of organic and conventional products including fruit juices and purees, both as juices and in the form of concentrates.

Russell J Brown of KLBD was delighted with the BioFach show, and particularly the high number of KLBD clients exhibiting there.

He says: “It was excellent to see so many KLBD certified firms at BioFach promoting such a huge variety of kosher products. Their representatives were keen on the benefits of orthodox certification. In particular, our clients said that having the ‘kosher certified’ badge on food and drink products can help their firms to maintain and increase market share. KLBD helps them to do this by granting our kosher mark, so making their products acceptable to consumers who look for and value kosher certification.”

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