KLBD Awards Kosher Certification to Products from Pasta Foods

KLBD Awards Kosher Certification to Products from Pasta Foods

26 September 2012

Pasta lovers here it is! Pasta Foods recently had their quality pasta snack pellets kosher certified by London Beth Din.
Also known as KLBD it is one of the longest running kosher certification agencies in the world supplying kosher certification to food companies and products.

Pasta Foods is one of the major dry pasta producers in Europe and it is also considered as one of the leading producers of snack pellets worldwide. This Great Yarmouth based company was founded more than 40 years ago and now employs in excess of 130 people in their production facilities. The company can offer customization of their products according to their clients’ requirements.

They specialise in the production of Extruded pellets for snack manufacturing. Other products not yet certified include Ingredient dry pasta for the food processing industry, Pasta Rapido (the instant dried pasta that only requires to be re-hydrated) and Semolina (milled from durum wheat). Products from Pasta Foods can come in all shape and sizes! Legume Pellets, Theme Mixes, Pellets with Grains, Top Healthy Pellets, Hot Air Expandable, Fun & Mini Pellets, Crunchy Classics and Crispy Classics.

Products currently not yet certified include. Pasta Shapes (Penne Shapes, Themes, Spirals, Macaroni Shapes, Shell Shapes, Specialty Shapes), Standard Pasta, Egg Pasta, Low Moisture, Heat Stable Pasta, Theme Shapes, Amorini Fusilli (Instant), Macaroni (Instant) and Spaghetti (Instant). They also offer Ready Meals, Salad Pots, Canned Goods, Dehydrated Snacks, Semolina and a whole lot more!

The snack pellets from Pasta Foods can now bear the logo from KLBD on their packaging. Kosher certified products are usually considered to have higher quality standard because of the supervision of the kosher certifying agencies like KLBD. Aside from the Jewish community, kosher certified products are also preferred by Muslims, Seventh Day Adventists, vegans, people with lactose intolerance and many others who enjoy kosher foods.

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