International Taste Solutions from Newbury

International Taste Solutions from Newbury

21 January 2019

International Taste Solutions supplies flavouring solutions for bakery, dairy and dessert products aiming to make healthier foods taste better. The company, established in 2009, is based in Newbury, Berkshire. They have a unique ability to provide popular flavours and well understand the food science underpinning this objective. The company’s growth is outstanding, being expected to reach 20 million turnover in the next 5 years.

Mike Bagshaw the company founder undertook a biotech degree, followed by a food industrial placement and then fell in love with food. The knowledge and understanding that Mike brings to the company contributes to its ongoing success.

The company manufactures 80% of that which they make on the Newbury site and offer a fast and supportive customer experience for their clients. Their well-equipped innovation centre, flavour lab and test bakery work synergistically to ensure this. They have the highest quality machinery and equipment which allows the company to create their outstanding flavour solutions. From natural flavourings and seasonings to flavour infused oats the company caters for all. Their top selling flavours include vanilla, strawberry and blueberry. Blueberry is often used in muffins and is extremely popular in bakery products.

Ensuring healthy foods taste good is also a priority for the company. Their healthy options include fat reduction, sugar reduction, salt reduction, high protein and free from and gluten free products. Meeting these needs, combined with their kosher certification makes them extremely sought after. Their ability to create excellent flavouring solutions which are healthy provides the company with exceptional opportunity.

They currently undertake business in 13 countries but are hoping to expand in America and in the Middle East. The kosher markets in America and the Middle East are large and so for kosher certified products this is a great place to be. With the industry expertise that they have it is expected that they will do extremely well with this expansion.

The company do not just manufacture flavour solutions but they also keep up to date with up and coming flavours. These flavours are used in bakery, yoghurts, milk drinks and snack products. Mike Bagshaw has even informed us that future flavours include coconut, yuzu (which is a Japanese citrus fruit) and matcha. Being current with this means they are one step ahead of their competitors and thus have a commercial advantage in a fast developing industry.

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