Food Scares Show the Importance of Kosher Certification

Food Scares Show the Importance of Kosher Certification

16 March 2013

Kosher certification marks, like the ‘KLBD Certified’ logo granted to food manufacturers by the leading certification authority KLBD, show that the food has been independently investigated and the source of the ingredients verified. David Cameron, Government ministers and food safety watchdogs are calling for a tightening of standards so that retailers have a verified supply chain, and the KLBD believe that kosher certification could be the answer.

Concerns about the integrity of food products in the UK are showing the importance of the kind of quality marks that are sought out by Jewish consumers when buying kosher foods.

Rabbi Jeremy Conway, Director of the KLBD, says: “Events in the UK food industry have shown that people buying meat and other foods could benefit from the type of kosher certification that the Jewish community relies on.”

“Jewish consumers know that a ‘KLBD Certified’ logo gives assurance of high standards, and this kind of quality mark could benefit all consumers” Rabbi Conway added.

In addition to being suitable for Jews, Muslims and Vegetarians, many manufacturers now see the kosher certification mark as an endorsement of rigorous quality control standards.

New regulations and voluntary codes requiring manufacturers to reduce salt and sugar content offer an opportunity whilst re-packaging to kosher certify. The re-printing of the packaging would then allow incorporation of the KLBD ‘kosher certified’ logo. For further information on kosher certification please visit the KLBD website:

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