Focus on Health

Focus on Health

6 July 2014

KLBD is pleased to work with many firms that produce kosher products that contribute to a healthy lifestyle, and here are a few of them: Nakd, Good Hemp and Rude Health.

Rude Health, based in London UK, produces a range of cereals, snacks and drinks, many of which are kosher certified by KLBD. Containing only healthy, sustainably ­produced ingredients, Rude Health’s products include naturally sweet ingredients such as honey and maple syrup, and never contain over ­processed grains. They are available online and at retail outlets worldwide.
Rude Health Organic Coconut Drink 1L

Braham & Murray, based in Devon, UK, is one of the largest producers of hemp foods and hemp ingredients in Europe. Expert at developing hemp products for food and sports nutrition market, the company was one of the first to raise the profile of hemp in the UK in the 1990s. As a food source, hemp has numerous health benefits, it is naturally rich in amino acids, omega oils and low in saturated fat. The company’s main products, Good Oil, Good Seed Natural, and Natural Hemp Protein powder are kosher certifed by KLBD. Good Oil was the first culinary hemp seed oil on the market. It started selling in leading London stores such
as Harvey Nichols, Selfridges and top delicatessens. Now all the major UK supermarkets have adopted Good Oil. Good Seed Natural are tiny, tasty seeds packed with protein and omega oils. They can be eaten as a healthy snack or sprinkled on soups, pastas and salads. They are also good in bread and in general cooking. Natural Hemp Protein is nutritional protein powder made from 100% natural hemp seeds. As such it is rich in fibre, Omega­3, gamma linolenic acid and all essential amino acids.

Nãkd is a range of cereal bars and snacks developed by Natural Balance Foods based in Buckinghamshire, UK. Natural Balance Foods has been in the business of creating healthy wholefood alternatives to processed foods for ten years, and has created a range of healthy snacks and bars, many of which are kosher certified by KLBD. Nãkd bars are available online and at major UK retailers including Tesco, Waitrose and Boots.
2012 Nakd Berry Delight

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