Insight: Fermenta Biotech Limited

Insight: Fermenta Biotech Limited

22 March 2016

Founded in 1986, Fermenta Biotech Limited, and a subsidiary of DIL Ltd, manufactures and supplies a variety of vitamins, antibiotics and enzymes to all the main pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food and animal feed manufacturers worldwide.

Integral to all aspects of their business is “Discover, Develop and Deliver.” Fermenta Biotech use their active research and development strategy to help achieve some of their corporate social responsibility goals.

Their team of highly skilled scientists are based in a dedicated R&D facility located in Thane and work on providing integrated solutions, processes and products for biotech and active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). In particular, Fermenta Biotech focus on building newer and better enzymes which are more eco-efficient in assisting companies to become more environmentally responsible and sustainable.

In recent years FERMENTA BIOTECH has focussed much of its R&D on Vitamin D3 and the widespread deficiency problem in India. Notably, Fermenta Biotech is the only manufacturer and supplier of Vitamin D3 in India and is also KLBD kosher certified. Fermenta Biotech is considered to be amongst the leading companies throughout the world in this field.

Additionally, the company has also been instrumental in educating the Indian population on vitamin D3’s importance and has made it a high priority to ensure that no individual is deprived of this vital vitamin. In 2015, their website, was launched to increase national awareness and to educate the population about the high incidence of vitamin D deficiency.

Last year, Fermenta Biotech also embarked on a global partnership with a non-profit making organisation, Vitamin Angels and their aim is to reduce malnutrition in children through the power of vitamins. They work together to find a solution to the challenge of under-nutrition, where individuals may consume enough calories for survival, but the food itself lacks adequate nutritional value. So far, Fermenta Biotech’s donations have helped over 40,000 children in India and throughout the world gain access to vitamins.

Fermenta Biotech has an international presence. Its headquarters, production and R&D are all located in India and they also have regional offices located in over 50 countries including North America, Europe, China, South America, the Middle East and New Zealand. The company supplies over 300 companies in India, as well as many leading global companies including ACT, Kemimpex, DKSH and Unipex.

Fermenta Biotech has grown exponentially since 2008, as is clearly evident from the significant increase in their annual turnover.

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