Eco-friendly Food Manufacture: Reducing Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

Eco-friendly Food Manufacture: Reducing Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

13 March 2018

In the fast-paced market that is food manufacture, ongoing improvement is a concept all companies strive for. As trends change, requirements from your company alter as well. The challenge is deciding which trends will hold sway in future years and that need acting upon.

In the food manufacturing world, recent concerns over the environmental impact of the industry continue to dominate the press.

What are the Statistics?

Today growing concerns over the contribution towards global warming and environmental change is a popular source of debate.

From the time of the Industrial Revolution, when the largest boom in manufacturing was experienced, processes have changed considerably, resulting in a steady reduction in pollution from UK manufacturing.

However, with statistics suggesting that pollution continues to contribute to ill health and that on a global scale pollution is increasing, it appears that these changes are not enough.

Pressure to reduce companies’ environmental impact is higher than ever.

The BenefitsCarbon Footprint

There are several benefits of moving to adapting your company to be more environmentally friendly.

First and foremost, your company is displaying a positive contribution to reducing a global problem.

By taking control of the impact that your company currently holds, you are reducing your carbon footprint, and preventing an unnecessary amount of harmful chemicals from being released into the environment.

In addition to helping the environment, this can also highlight and demonstrate your company’s concern over topical, important issues.

This reflects positively on your business as it shows an awareness of the responsibilities you, as the manufacturer, understand that you have.

Your company may appear more attractive to purchasers and consumers alike, immediately setting you above your contemporaries, and driving healthy business.

Finally, the recent introduction of penalties on plastic means that your company in terms of packaging could be officially facing changes over the next couple of years.

Updating your manufacturing process now could avoid any rushed changes at a later date, with possibly longer lead times for new equipment and will set you ahead in the competitive market.

The Disadvantages

As with all business decisions, there are disadvantages which must be considered.

Becoming more environmentally aware, as a company, can be an expensive process. Changes to all aspects of your company should be pre-empted.

Assessing your current situation, producing an effective plan, and then implementing these changes can exhaust valuable and limited time and money. This is an unattractive prospect for businesses who have no legal requirements to amend any of their existing processes.

This can make the prospective change an undesirable one.

In addition, eco-friendly changes in packaging may increase overall costs in raw materials or manufacturing processes, which companies are hesitant to make.

How Can my Company become more Eco-friendly?

Regardless of these disadvantages, it is impossible to deny that now, more than ever, companies are expected to reassess their manufacturing processes to address these concerns.

The business owner would benefit from following the below recommendations to fast track their company to a more healthy, and fruitful future:

  • Assess your current situation

Consider what opportunities there are for change within your business. Preparing an attainable plan will drive developments and better guarantee success in the long term.

  • Make small changes to begin

These changes could be from recycling in the office to recycling any waste which your manufacturing processes produce.

  • Larger changes

Implementing new eco-friendly packaging with a marketing campaign highlighting your company’s environmental credentials could be targeted to work towards in years to come.

Overall, allowing for changes today can encourage positive development within a competitive industry tomorrow.

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