A. Fakhry & Co  – Essential Oils from Egypt

A. Fakhry & Co – Essential Oils from Egypt

29 June 2018

Essential oils are becoming more popular globally as a consequence of their medicinal and nutritional benefits. Their multiple uses in cooking, aromatherapy, natural remedies and cosmetics make them highly desired in the international market place. The global essential oils market is steadily increasing, being valued at $5.91 billion in 2016. It is expected that the market will consolidate to $12.85 billion by 2023 (Reuters, 2017). One of the premier suppliers of these is Kosher certified Egyptian oil manufacturers A Fakhry which has been family owned for over 60 years.

A. Fahkry & Co. is a family business and one of the largest essential oil manufactures in Egypt. Reuters (2017) state: “Essential oils are special natural plant products with different biological properties. Essential oil represents a major group of agro-based industrial products “. The company use steam distillation to extract essence from plants. Many of these KLBD certified oils are supplied to manufacturers to flavour kosher certified products found on the shelves of your local supermarket.

As one of KLBD’s oldest clients in Egypt the company has nurtured their relationship with KLBD through many years of business partnership. Hussein Fakhry, the current owner and son of the founder has been involved with IFEAT (the International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma Trades) board. In this context, his background in essential oils enables him to give a unique insight into the industry. Consequently, there is an extra appreciation of the company’s clients’ needs which helps to provide them with the best essential oils. (KLBD is also a member of IFEAT).

Fakhry produce popularized essential oils such as Geranium and Coriander which KLBD also certify. Their benefits are significant and specific to each.





Geranium oil is distilled from the plant’s stem and leaves. The oil has cosmetic attributes and is often used in perfume to create artificial rose scent.


Coriander is extracted for its oil   



Coriander oil is said to have medicinal purposes for relieving fever and migraine.  It is widely appreciated as a food flavour.

KLBD has cultivated a special relationship with the company through close to 20 years of business and friendship.  Dr. Moshe Rosenfeld, chief chemist at KLBD, has an extensive knowledge of Egyptian manufacturing and has visited their production facility many times.

In the past two years, they have tripled their factory production capacity, enabling them to grow faster. Hussein Fakhry writes: “In the past 10 years we have grown sevenfold, invested over the past two years in tripling our factory production capacity, proceeded with reinforcing our partnerships with farmers and expanding our farming network across Egypt and accessed new markets and clients.” The expansion of the farming network in Egypt and new markets suggest a promising future for the company. In addition to being one of Egypt’s largest oil manufacturers, the company are renowned worldwide. As Hussein states “… the USA have become AF&Co.’s single most important market”.

The company sees corporate social responsibility and sustainability as particularly important in their industry and KLBD also recognises these as important.  The challenge to maintain these values while expanding and accessing new markets is one that A Fakhry will definitely continue to relish.

KLBD looks forward to growing with a company that promises an exciting future ahead. To contact the company please speak with Hussein Fakhry whose contact details can be found here.


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