The Natural Food Show, 17-18 April ExCeL London

17 - 18 April 2016
Excel, London

Come and meet KLBD at The Natural Food Show, 17-18 April ExCeL London.

KLBD is excited to announce they will be exhibiting at The Natural Food Show alongside 650 companies from around the world including KLBD certified Nakd, Rude Health, Lucy Bee, and Coyo.

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Natural products is a growing category. Increasing numbers of consumers are seeking more natural and clean label products.

Ensure you stop by KLBD Kosher Certification’s stand, M12, to discover how brands are using kosher certification to enhance their product offering and achieve business objectives.

With KLBD’s progressive approach to kosher certification it becomes an integral part of a brand’s image and overall marketing strategies. KLBD understands both client and consumer needs. Our in-house sales and marketing team work together with companies, using our expertise to help them promote their products internationally as well as to the local kosher consumer.

Kosher certification offers a solution to some challenges faced within the industry, notably clean and clear labelling. The KLBD kosher logo is well recognised and trusted globally amongst both food and beverage professionals and consumers. Moreover, the logo infers certain favourable characteristics about a product including food quality, ‘general healthfulness’ and food safety.

KLBD Kosher certification can provide companies with access to a wider market. Kosher is not only relevant to those following a kosher diet but also a number of important consumer segments, including those who follow a vegetarian or halal diet and those with food allergies. As an international standalone quality certification it has the ability to be the most inclusive food mark.

This trend is not only important in the UK but worldwide. Kosher certification, therefore, as well as assisting manufacturers in a vibrant domestic market, can enhance exporting plans and create marketing opportunities.

Kosher products include those regularly found on supermarket shelves such as: Aduna, Propercorn, Marmite, BFree, Bear, Ryvita and Rowse Honey.

The expertise of the KLBD organisation lies in certification of ingredients, chemicals, flavours, fragrances, aromas, spices, seasonings and dairy derivatives as well as vitamins, pharmaceuticals and food packaging besides retail products. It has operated from its London based headquarters reaching Europe and the rest of the world for more than a century.

Visitors can arrange a one-to-one meeting in advance, or just pop by the stand where the team will be on hand to answer all kosher –related questions and how kosher certification can help a brand grow locally as well as globally.