10 - 11 November 2015
New Jersey, USA

KLBD kosher certification experts enjoyed meeting food industry colleagues at Kosherfest 2015.

This important annual event is the largest forum worldwide for kosher certified products.

The event ook place during November 10 to 11 in Secaucus, New Jersey, USA.

Kosherfest 2015 included:

  • Awards Presentations for recently launched kosher foods and drinks.
  • Numerous kosher certified products.
  • Many services for the kosher food and beverage markets.
  • A spotlight on the kosher industry’s major current topics.
  • A number of special competitions relating to food preparation.
  • Food writers representing various sections of the kosher industries.
  • A celebration of kosher products since 1990.
  • A kosher certified food and drink showcase hosted by the Israel Export Insitute and the Israel Economic Mission to North America.

Here are some of the products and companies that were on display at Kosherfest and are kosher certified by KLBD:

  • Nak’d Cereal Bars
  • Bendicks Chocolates
  • Ryvita Crackers
  • TUC Crackers
  • Flahavan Oats
  • Broker’s Gin
  • Canderel Sweeteners
  • Fudco Chai Tea
  • Quibbles Nuts
  • Jacobs Crackers
  • Millions Sweets
  • Dorset Cereals
  • Amira Rice