15 - 16 November 2016
New Jersey, USA, Stand number 207

America: the world’s largest food market and the ultimate goal for many food manufacturers across the world. Every year companies attempt to break into the US market, however, many lack a suitable method of entry. KLBD Kosher Certification can be just the hook they need.

KLBD, are the largest kosher certifying agency in Europe and their clients’ certified products have a significant presence in North America. KLBD works together with the companies they certify to successfully assist them in exporting to and growing in the American market. One way is by taking their products to Kosherfest which is the largest dedicated kosher trade exhibition in the world. This year, during 15th and 16th November, KLBD is showcasing, amongst others, Nak’d, Broker’s Gin, Fudco, Chai Tea and Quibbles Nuts.

According to the BBC, the US is the most difficult market in which to be successful. One of the major challenges to overcome is the level of competition in the market often resulting in market saturation. To be successful, companies need to ensure they are able to compete with current products.

The kosher logo is the most commonly used logo in North America, according to Mintel, and currently more than 150,000 products are kosher certified. This continues to grow as nearly 50% of new products seek kosher certification. It is also often a prerequisite for a product to gain space on American supermarkets shelves and those products not certified are significantly disadvantaged.

For over a decade KLBD have had a presence at Kosherfest. They are one of only two overseas kosher certification agencies to exhibit. The exhibition is visited by the major decision makers from the very large supermarkets, distributors, down to the smaller grocery stores and delis including Kroger, Kehe, ShopRite, UNFI Canada, Zabar’s and Fairway Market.

In 2014 Kosherfest saw around 6,000 visitors, whilst KLBD handed out over 1,500 shots of Scottish Drambuie and other alcoholic drink samples that are KLBD certified plus sampling of many products. A representative from Japanese Born Sake and Italian Luxardo liqueurs both spent a day on the KLBD stand helping visitors learn about both the products, the companies and giving tasters. This opportunity invariably results in a demand being created in the US market; 90% of visitors to Kosherfest find new products or suppliers.

Many KLBD certified products are successfully exporting to the USA. These include: Ryvita, Drambuie, Mars Drinks, Twinings Tea, Colman’s Mustard, Lea & Perrins, Luxardo, Amira Rice, St James Smokehouse, Dorset Cereals, Rude Health and Rowse Honey. The KLBD logo is recognised and accepted in the USA as well as the rest of the world. The logo guarantees that the products have been independently audited providing consumers with a level of quality assurance that is otherwise not achievable.

Our companies competing in this year’s New Product Awards.