Food Event Hove

03 - 03 November 2015

Stop by for the chance to discover and taste the latest KLBD kosher certified products.

Drop in to the food event this Tuesday in Hove where KLBD will be showcasing over 60 KLBD certified foods. Visitors will have the opportunity to taste some of the latest products for example Propercorn, Coyo, Rude Health and Plamil’s chocolates. There will be some old favourites too such as Jacob’s Cream Crackers, Kettle Chips and Ryvita.

If you’re interested in a KLBD Food Event or would like us to exhibit at an event you are holding please contact Sharon Feldman-Vazan,

Alternatively, if you are a KLBD certified company and would like to have your products featured at one of our food events please email Sharon Feldman-Vazan,

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