FDF – Food and Drink Federation Convention

05 - 05 July 2016
Willis Towers Watson, London


The UK Food and Drink Federation (FDE) will tomorrow launch their inaugural industry convention.


Special guest speaker Rt Hon Elizabeth Truss MP, Secretary of State, Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.


Session one – Assessing the changing landscape will cover such questions as:

  • Where are we, post EU referendum?
  • What does the result mean for the food and drink industry?
  • What might it mean for Scotland?


Session two – Leadership in the new landscape will cover such questions and points as:

  • Where will innovation power recovery?
  • How are suppliers responding to the challenges set by the new trading arena
  • Building health into the fabric of doing business in food and drink
  • Ensuring the decisions the industry takes now benefit society in the future


Our Retail Food & Drink Manager Sharon Feldman-Vazan will be attending and sharing with delegates the latest news on Hovis and other KLBD kosher product, launches.